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Z500 : Unable to increase the brightness


I have a new z500 that I've downgraded to Windows 7 64bit. For the most part I have everything working. I accidentally hit the brightness + (yes, +) and it instantly dimmed the screen to where it is barely viewable. It seems that hitting that one key decreased the brightness to the minimum amount. I've rebooted, looked for a setting in the BIOS, hit the Brightness +/- and can't increase the brightness.


The other hot keys work correctly. I've tried increasing the brightness via the Control Panel, but nothing seems to work. The screen is extremely dim whenever the machine is powered on (including the BIOS), not just in Windows. I tried a lot of intel chipset drivers, the available Intel HD 4000 drivers in Win8 and win7 too, but nothing working.


Is there a way to get this fixed and working normally again? 


The issue is associated to a windows update over the driver itself. It is highly recommended to check the updates from the windows updater before you installing.


  1. Go to device manager
  2. Select Display adapters and scroll down
  3. Right click on Inter(R) HD Graphics4000 and select propierties option
  4. Go to tab Drivers in the pop up window
  5. Push the Rollback Driver button
  6. Wait until it is done  Your system should recover the brightness and the increase/decrease functions in the keyborard.


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punkazz23 On 2014-03-14, 23:14 PM

the roll back button is not availale....i cant press it


rakeshjose On 2014-05-12, 9:24 AM

As there are two display adapters, you need to install both the drivers. I gues that you have not installed the drivers for  Intel HD 4000. Try installing it from http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS031547

ddelatorre14 On 2014-05-27, 15:13 PM

Go to Control Panel>Display>Adjust Resolution>Click advanced settings>click properties>click driver tab... After you click update driver, it will ask you "how you want to search for driver software;" click "browse my computer for software" then next window choose "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer;" you'll see compatible drivers, look for "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" click next>


-I did it and its back to normal brightness!

roxpop31 On 2014-09-07, 14:41 PM

all you have to do is turn off your laptop and turn it back on again, when it shows the lenovo icon repeatedly tap the brightness pluss button until the screen gets to it's brightest, it works for me :) xx

adz2026 On 2015-10-12, 11:59 AM

I had the same issue and this youtube video helped me.  you have to go to this file and run the set up file:  D:\drivers\VGA\Intel\x64.   This worked for me

Computer_dunce On 2016-06-14, 11:27 AM

Please help!!!

Same issue with z500 touch:


Windows 10 installed before the new year.

Automatic update about a month ago.


I now can't adjust the brightness on the screen.

Tried reinstalling drivers.

Tried regedit 'ffff' solution.


I'm totally stuck and would appreciate any guidance!

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