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Z570 - Random screen freeze (vertical and horizontal lines)


When using the Z570, the laptop is getting random vertical and horizontal lines. GPU driver has been reinstalled and BIOS has been updated.




  1. Try downloading memtest (Google memtest for the software)
  2. Run memtest to test the RAM
  3. If problem persist when running memtest, remove 1 RAM module and test with only 1 RAM and see if problem persist.
  4. If problem stopped after 1 RAM is removed, try the other RAM and test again.
  5. If 1 RAM is showing issue and the other is not, contact support to get RAM raplced.

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CKCrouch On 2019-10-30, 5:11 AM

My IdeaPad laptop is doing that. I don't think I can go in and remove RAM and things. I bought last year, 2018, and only recently started using it. It is supposed to be a 2018 model. I have a 2016 or 2017 model that I have never had this problem with. Should I take it to a professional and have them look at it and see where the problem is?

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