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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-01-31, 22:37 PM

I want to back out the current Windows Vista and restore.



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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-03-16, 17:06 PM

Great forum that did solve my problem, not the best solution but at least my NOVO button works with W7 and after repartition the HDD. 


Bought G230 3 weeks ago and it came with 320HDD, freeDOS (no OS CD or recovery CD was supplied). Good value for money so I grab it beside I have an option to stick with XP. Finally, I decided to install W7 ultimate 32bit though I know that I will facing compatibility issues later. It has onekey recovery function but I didn't care or even know about that when installing W7. During the installation, I did repartitioning and reformatting the HDD using the option aval in W7 CD. Original vol C:30Gb, D: 280Gb and X:15Gb (changed to C: 50Gb, Hidden partition 100Mb (created by W7) and the rest is for D:.


No issue appeared after 2 weeks using W7 and I'm very satisfied till now. Then, start trying onekey recovery and found the button didn't work (push and directly boot to windows..just like power button). Updated the OKR software to version 7.0 but still got same result until I realized 2 things, first, repartition should be avoided and my G230 was freeDOS (should I restore to that state and lose my W7?).


I'm not a technician. Just read and try. Based on many suggestions, instructions and findings from our members in this forum and other sites  (I tried almost all), I conclude the steps are;


1.  Install OKR software in C: (default).


2. For my case, I have to remove first system reserved partition (100Mb) which was created when installing W7. This to avoid conflict when we have 2 hidden partition. After that, using Windows Disk Management tool, repartition the HDD to create 3rd partition(as last partition) as service partition (hidden). No exact size (I put 20Gb at first). Create as primary NTFS volume with any label, so we can see it at this stage. Run PTEDIT32 to change the partition sectors start from 594198528 till end. Check also the 1st partition sectors should 2048. Reboot.


3. Run Win Disk Management Tool again. See the 3rd partition size has already changed to 14.75Gb after editing the sector. A few unallocated space was there so I extended D:.


4. Go to C:/Program files/Lenovo/Onekey App/Onekey Recovery/MakeWinPEISO/WinPE_x86/ISO. Copy all folders/files there and paste to 3rd partition. Then, remove the partition label and run PTEDIT32 to change the ID 07 to 12. Reboot.


5. That partition now is hidden and known as OEM Partition. Run OKR to create backup file. I save the backup in external HD.


6. Shutdown and push the NOVO button.. It should start loading. It works for me but not perfect. With OKR 7.0 we have 2 options (restore factory setting or restore from user's backup file). I failed for the 1st option ... "initial backup file couldn't be found, the service is not aval at this time". I have tried many time to create custom factory backup file using OKR and put in that partition.. But still doesn't work until now. Maybe somebody can help.


7. But for the 2nd option, restoration from my external HD that contains my first backup.wsi file was successfully done. At least the NOVO key done his job.


..not the best solution.. glad to see any feedback


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-03-22, 12:42 PM

This is the biggest draw back of Lenovo. Surprisingly they have deaf ears on the issue. My. System purchased in US and being used in India has same problem One Mr. Rakesh xxxxxx Service Head, North India says this is not possible to get the same repaired here. The machine has to go to USA for repairs. This is bull **bleep** of the company of this size. We expect the solution to be given immediately. I had purchased  note pads there after but none from Lenovo. I am using G530.




Moderator note; full name of Lenovo employee edited. Forum Rules.


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-04-08, 21:12 PM



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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-04-09, 13:51 PM
I bought a Lenovo G550 with 4GB DDR3, T4300, 320Gb. It came with Windows 7 BASIC installed and I'd like to install a version of Windows 7 Professional I have here. I want to do a clean install!

Well, when I started the installation, the disks were partitioned as follows:

1. 200 Mb - System;

2. 233 GB - Hard c: \ (where I believe that Windows 7 Basic is installed)

3. 30.2 GB - Lenovo (here are the drivers, totaling 800MB used!)

4. LENOVO_PART - 14.8GB [OEM] (is a hidden partition! Probably the One Key Rescue. He says CAN NOT INSTALL, OEM is because, for the MANUFACTURER)

The question is: if I delete the first 3 partitions, leaving only the hidden partition (Lenovo_PART-14.8Gb) and install Windows 7 Professional, will work?? If later I want to restore the system using the discs created by One Key Rescue, will work too? That will give an error?


PLEASE HELP! Windows 7 BASIC sucks! :robottongue:



(Thanks to google for the english translation) 


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-04-12, 23:34 PM

fau7i, I'm impressed that you got it to work.


Thank you for posting a practical solution.


One-Key-Recovery to a user's backup is in fact a much better solution than OKR to...a machine with no content or applications on it.


So I think you got the right part to work.




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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-04-13, 11:25 AM

I have the discs for G550 to recover the entire hard disc. If you need it PM me.

This will recover the One Key button system without issue.


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-05-03, 12:48 PM

I tried fined a way how to make back up invisible partition. If a HDD will broke. Could somebody tell me what I need to do, or on witch way I can save a data from hidden partition?


Thank you


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-05-03, 16:16 PM

Make the Factory Restore Discs with the one recovery system then if the Hard Drive fails your hidden partition will just be remade on the new Drive when you restore with the discs.


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Re: OneKey Recovery Feature and warranty

2010-05-05, 13:17 PM

I would like to see some "official" statement that proves that deleting the hidden partition does NOT void warranty, on any Lenovo laptops (like on G550). Also that changing the size of C: and D: partition and/or deleting the pre-insalled OS doens't void warranty. I heard these doesn't void it, but that will not be enough if the warranty service people can use this as an excuse to deny fixing hardware faliures.

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