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Re: OneKey Recovery Feature and warranty

2010-05-22, 21:07 PM



My Girlfriend just purchased the G555 and I have created the recovery DVD set as of this morning. My question is this 


There are 4 Partitions:


Hidden 200MB NTFS (I am assuming this contains system info for an offline recover) 

C: 105.1GB NTFS 

D: (Lenovo)  29GB Partition ( Contains 800MB of Drivers)

Hidden 14.75GB OEM Partition ( Assuming contains ONE Recovery Image)


Is there a reason that i can not delete D:\ Partition or possibly clone the drive to say a larger HDD without voiding the Warranty?  


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Re: OneKey Recovery Feature and warranty

2010-05-23, 19:42 PM



Thanks for the answer.


Regarding the testing difficulties in the depot (i.e., that they can't be sure if it's not a software issue if I use a custom installation), Lenovo could supply the Lenovo warrany services with model-specific Windows "live" DVD-s. But I suppose Lenovo doesn't do that, or else what's on the customer's HDD woudn't mater for them. But that's really not my mistake, I mean, if Lenovo doesn't invest into creating and distributing such DVD-s then surely theycalulated that the occassional extra work is cheaper. So I hope they can't charge me for that extra work... It's their business of Lenovo how they detect and solve the hardware problem regardless of what's on my HDD, according to what you said (HDD content can't void warranty), right?


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Re: OneKey Recovery Feature and warranty

2010-06-08, 6:20 AM

hi every one !!


m facing a series problem in G560 laptopshaving preloaded win 7 home premuim


1.)after creating the recovery dvd's using one key recovery software.the automatic recovery system that is one key recovery stops working. it leads to normal boot up of system even after pressing the "one key recovery button"


and the hidden partion (O or E). become visible in my computer.


2.) one key recovery button does not works.


do lenovo have any solution for this.??


because its a software error if some one want o fix this from service centre they charge upto Rs.2000


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-06-09, 13:27 PM



i had a big mistake, i changed my operation system from windows7homebasic to open suse linux.

whatever ... I think while i was resizing disk partition :C, I changed something that is causing recovery button not to work.  and i also want to mention that, linux installs grub boot loader on mbr.

whatever...   i hated linux and uninstalled it .  after that, the okr system rescue button did not execute when i want to reinstall windows 7 again.

when i push the okr button ,  windows cmd.exe is opening but not system rescue.

i called the service and he says it must reinstall image file on secret partition. can i do this, if ur answer is yes , how can i do that

please help me!!!


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Re: OneKey Recovery Feature and warranty

2010-06-10, 2:58 AM

I'm about to install 64-bit Win7 on a ThinkPad that came with 32-bit Win7. I'm not gonna touch the hidden partition.


1. Under those conditions (64-bit Win7 installed and hidden partition untouched) ... if I reboot, push the restore button, and select the Restore Factory option (F11), will it still restore me all the way back to the true original factory config? Or do I need to first install the OneKey Recovery software to make that work properly?


2. I think I found the OneKey Recovery software on the IdeaPad U150 page (the actual file is IN1OKR01WW6.exe, version 7.0.0723, 274 MB).  Is that really the right software?  (And do I really need to install it somewhere on my 64-bit Win7 install?  The more I read about this, the OneKey Software that I would actually use is installed in the hidden partition--which I shouldn't be touching at all.)


And finally, just a comment:

Mark_Lenovo wrote:

For both Think and Idea systems, there is a hidden partition that can be used to recover / restore to factory state as you know.   The recovery software also has the ability to create a set of recovery DVDs and we encourage all users to do this as pretty much a first course of action.   Many however, unfortunately do not. Instead, they blow everything away and then run into trouble ...

We very much appreciate your comments and hints, Mark.  Especially the suggestions about what every new buyer should do in the first few hours after turning the machine on.  Very helpful.  Thanks.





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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-06-24, 18:00 PM

hey all sell ur lenovo on ebay and buy a hp pavilion laptop which is **bleep**ing awesome


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-07-04, 19:50 PM

Sorry I do not understand - what I have to do for same result like you ("...and now it's working properly"). thanx for answer.


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-07-14, 6:26 AM

Similar to many others on this forum, I too suffered from a drive C:/ that was vastly too short on space. After suffering for more than a year I adjusted my D:/ down and C:/ up just 15 Gb so my paging file would again function as advertised.


I now learn this is a no-no. I would like to have thought I would have picked up on this should Lenovo had the forethought to put MY DOCUMENTS on D:/ along with MY PROGRAMS.  As they didn’t, a serious oversight on Lenovo’s part has occurred.  And that oversight alone should be enough for Lenovo to send all Y410 owners  a free set of restore disks… if they existed.


As that is not going to occur, perhaps someone can correctly answer this question; Several times in the forum individuals have asked what the correct size for drive C:/ should be so the OneKey ( NOVO key) recovery can function. Tho I may have missed it, I don’t believe the correct size was ever stated! Does anyone know… and more importantly… if reset will normal system recovery function?


Several times in this discussion it has been stated by various individuals that all you have to do is NOVO on and create the back-up disks… so I tried this.  All I got was that my Y410 C:/ was about to be destroyed! Certainly not the desired suggestion!


Now, hypothetically speaking, my HDD suddenly has stationary impact damage upon the rotating platter… and the HDD is toast! As I’ve done countless times in the past, I order a new HDD and slip in. run the restore disks. Now I must push the NOVO button… Will my new HDD get recovered? From what I’m reading… NO.


Will I be able to pick up the phone and order a HDD restore set for my unit for around $20.00US as I do for my many HP’s.  Again, the answer appears to be NO.


So I come to the end of this mild rant… For the record… I really do like the Y410 and it’s suite of features. I also find the restore process truly disturbing!


What’s the answer to the restore question? Lenovo does the right thing and provides owners at cost or less restore disks… or purchase the cheapest Vista Home Premium to rebuild it with and unload it quickly for another product?


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-07-14, 6:52 AM

Now if the OKR has stopped working there has to be a damage control from Lenovo. But why Lenovo the creator of OKR is not able to repair the fault. The mistake of changing the disk space is being done by many, Lenovo has to give a solution to damaged OKR. Is there any Lenovo service personnel on line.

Expect a favourable response from one of Lenovo centre.


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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

2010-08-06, 18:53 PM

Will you stop spamming the forum topic, if you read it right if you have resized C: it will not work as it will hang half way into restoring.

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