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IdeaPad Y480 spontaneously powers off when using Nvidia graphics

2014-05-20, 23:46 PM

I would like to get some second opinions on this problem, so I can be sure there is nothing I am missing/haven't considered. 


First off, this laptop is not too old -- it was purchased in late 2012 (August) from Lenovo's website. I had very few problems with it, except for a few minor issues like the Touchzone black screen on startup (fixed by disabling that program) and a bluescreen when using newer graphics drivers (fixed by using older drivers certified for this specific model).


About six months from purchase, the hard drive began to fail, and it was sent in under warranty to be replaced. Again, this was annoying, but a faulty hard drive requiring replacement still isn't too out of the ordinary.


Within the past month or so, I have begun having issues that again I suspect are hardware related. This laptop is frequently used for graphics-intensive tasks; I regularly run Photoshop with hardware acceleration enabled, and play several games on occasion (the bulk of which consists of League of Legends and Warframe). While doing anything using the Nvidia GPU, the laptop has begun completely shutting down within a half hour. This problem has started occurring sooner and more frequently than when it first showed up. Oddly, the issue seems to be most prevalent when running League of Legends, which is a fairly low-spec game to begin with and should not cause immense stress when running. Even so, after starting a match, the framerate will start at a stable 60 and slowly drop until the computer shuts down completely within 10 or 15 minutes.


I have tried updating all drivers as well as restoring it to factory default state, at which point the issue still persists (indicating to me that software is not at fault). The temperature of the processor and GPU also do not exceed 90-95°C when under heavy load, which should not be enough to force a shutdown due to overheating. The fan also seems to be running just fine.


To be clear, I have not dropped or otherwise damaged the computer, and I have done nothing with it that it wasn't essentially designed to do. My regular Photoshop work does not particularly stress the system (my files don't even come close to .PSB size) and the only games I play have system requirements that are met by this laptop. This also does not seem to be an isolated problem for this model, as a quick Google search yields several results with identical symptoms for the Y480. I am hesitant to attempt repairs myself, as I am not very experienced with computer repairs and my past endeavors with replacing thermal paste et cetera have not been very effective.


So, with all of this information in mind, I would like to ask:


-Is this problem caused by the GPU alone, or is something else at fault? I would like to narrow it down before deciding what to do next.


-Is there any chance Lenovo would replace the faulty part out of warranty? The Y480 seems to have many deeply rooted problems that only become apparent after time; had I known that this system would not last a year from purchase or service without another core component failing, I certainly would not have purchased it. In the end, it served well enough for a short time, but even cheap prebuilt laptops should last at least 4 years on average without crippling problems. Furthermore, after I purchased it, the Y480 was soon replaced by newer models like the Y410p, and now apparently warranty extensions are no longer available since the older models are no longer being serviced. In short, I feel like I was the victim of a bait and switch with a system that runs well only until its successor is on the market, and you are left facing expensive repairs or a completely new system. I understand that this is probably a long shot, but I wanted to ask if any other dissatisfied customers have been given additional help from Lenovo. I would contact Lenovo's support directly, but I have found in the past that such requests are an invitation to be given the run-around, and nothing ever comes of it.


Thanks in advance for anyone willing to read this wall of text and reply.


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Re: IdeaPad Y480 spontaneously powers off when using Nvidia graphics

2014-07-23, 14:23 PM
dude ,

warning!! do not use the nvidia graphics card on any video intensive games.as your default.... I used win7 software to changed the graphics card default from "integrated (intel)" to "Nvidia graphics "... after a week windows was displaying an error " your video setting seems to be slowing down your system do you want to set it to basic"..i chose "ignore" after the second week my screen turned white and my computer would not even boot to bios... I took my computer to lenovo service center and the tech said my mother board is fried it would take 1 to 3 months to get a replacement mother board. the tech recomended i buy a new computer since the cost of repair would be like buying a new computer

the best video card setting is set to auto "let the system decide" how it wants to use the nvdia graphics card

I am assuming here that the nvidia graphics card is only used to cover any over head work load from the intel integrated graphis and is not really supposed to be used as your default video card... to do so means overloading the system and frying the mother board..again I am assuming here....but I dont want you to have the same problem I have... my Y480 is junked :(


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Re: IdeaPad Y480 spontaneously powers off when using Nvidia graphics

2015-06-08, 3:52 AM

mroe12, I'm having exactly the problem with my Y480 that you're having with your Y480--did you ever find a solution?


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Re: IdeaPad Y480 spontaneously powers off when using Nvidia graphics

2017-03-13, 9:46 AM

Any solution? When starting a game and the gfx initialize the Y480 just shuts down, dirty

I am runing Windows 10 Pro and the ONLY driver for the 640M LE that can be installed is the Win 8.1 64bit from Lenovos support pages.


EDIT: Actually, I do not even need to start a game, just start NVIDIA Control Panel and select "Adjust image settings with preview" and the spinning logo renders in realtime, after a sec or 2 the machine shuts down. 

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