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Re: Ideapad Y510P will not recognize AC power supply

2019-01-30, 11:44 AM

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Re:Ideapad Y510P will not recognize AC power supply

2020-10-22, 17:07 PM

It's a BIOS, chipset, and windows driver issue.  I have the same problem with my Y70-70.  Lenovo refuses to acknowledge this issue because that would make them complicit in the oversight.  The idea of the driver was to prevent overcharging your battery and overheating the laptop.  Unfortunately it doesn't work as advertised.  The reality is, they were probably trying to limit liability (of catching fire) by only allowing a 130 watt power supply on the consumer model product.  What they didn't realize is that the battery charging circuit now has to work triple overtime to keep the computer on when gaming, which makes it run 10x hotter than if they just allowed for a 230 watt power supply.

In my case, the driver also causes the battery to see insufficient charging while I'm gaming.  I ordered a 230watt Lenovo charger (actual Lenovo  branded unit) to compensate, and this stupid driver BS won't even let the laptop see that there is a charger plugged in.  Lenovo R&D is pretty pathetic.  I had a P70 workstation laptop at the same time I bought this Y70 and they are supposed to be identical but with different video cards (a quaddro in the P70 and a GTX 970 in the Y70) and the P70 was built to fit a specific docking station (the Y70 does not have this option).  Basically the P70 will take the 130 watt power supply from the Y70 but gives a warning that it is too small.  The Y70 will ONLY run with the factory 130 watt unit.  It will not recognize the 230 watt at all.  What it boils down to is a complete and total lack of product planning/management on the part of lenovo because the BIOS and chipset drivers just don't support the larger PS.

The simple truth is there just isn't any due diligence performed by these people when it comes to the consumer level products.  Once they get your $$$ for your laptop, you are just screwed.  Of course, this is also why I dumped lenovo for Dell last year.  I don't have any of these ridiculous issues with drivers, overheating, battery charging, etc. etc.

If you are insistent on sticking with the Lenovo machines...  you can get an Acer Aspire that is identical in every way except the logo, and they are usually 1/2 the price of the lenovo machines.  I discovered this about 3 months after I bought my gaming rig when a buddy showed up with his Acer and it was literally, identical in every way.  I even popped the back and they have the exact same mother board (checked the manufacturer and model number... they were identical).  Just more proof that globalization has changed everything to being built in the same factory so all you're paying for is a Logo and not any additional quality.

I am still experimenting with overcoming this issue.  There are a ton of people affected by it.  If I figure something out I'll probably market it as an aftermarket upgrade on Amazon for a minimal fee (less than $100 depending on the cost of the power supplies and if I have to hire someone to help me code the BIOS overwrite).  Until then, good luck.


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