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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-06-12, 17:44 PM
Yes it works.

You need precision screw drivers and should have a bit of computer building experience IMO. But there are much harder computers to work on out there. That being said if you wanna try it do it at your own risk.

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-06-12, 18:11 PM

Sad we are far ...


At least 1000 km. dame it... :smileyfrustrated:


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-06-12, 22:39 PM


He Guys!


I found a posible solution on the web!!


Let us know who did it and the result please!





Hello, I did the exact fix applied here more than one month ago and I can confirm that it works perfectly, I already mentioned in the previous page, I broke the usb 3.5mm jack on the site plastic ribbon on the motherboard, so the tip I can give you is to be super careful with removing connector and detatching the plastic ribbon, also make sure you memorize where all the screws go, it won`t take more than 20min, just cover all the trackpad with the electric isolated tape. good luck!


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-06-13, 1:07 AM



Thank you so much for the advice.  I will be very carefully about it.


Also I found a video on the web that show you how to open step by step the y500...with both videos I believe will be more easy.


Thanks guys for the help and the info.


Regards from Argentina! 




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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-06-13, 16:36 PM



Less then a week for repair.  Fed-ex back from Memphis, TN and just received.  This is QUICKER then they stated to have it fixed and back to me.  Y500 came back within same box I sent out just re-labeled.  Device cleaned and top cover was stated as being replaced (MS stickers are now gone).  Protective tape (like masking tape around speakers still on it).  Device very clean and a protective plastic sheet over keyboard and peel off sticker on new touchpad.  Mouse properties do show the touchpad as an Elan still.  Initial use with laptop leaning on a partial stack of papers making the laptop wobbly shows the touchpad fix seems to be a success even prior to changing any settings.  Previously, it would have been all over the place.  Time will be the judge as it is only the first 10 minutes but I am relatively confident and if you don't hear from me anymore it means that I am happy with the device. 


All in all, my experience has been above average with kudos for speed of fix along with not fighting me tooth and nail to get it fixed.  I understand that they want to exhaust software fixes first which is understandable for the first call.  My subsequent call they setup the RMA.  Both tech support reps I spoke with spoke English very well...one in country and one outside I believe (English was too perfect and I heard another language in the background which led me to believe it was somewhere other then US).  Both were helpful with the first one (American) being a bit "green" and obviously still learning the ropes which is fine...many moons ago I was in his shoes at a helpdesk so I am tolerant as he wasn't stupid or arrogant and didn't make excuses.


Luckily, I have multiple machines and what I bought it for I hadn't started up so there was low inconvenience factor to me by having it gone for a week or so.  I got the y500 for <$800 with a sale (Refurb 8gb ram, dvd writer, 650gt, 1tb drive, 16gb msata) which I still think was a rocking deal. 


Now to install a bunch of software all over again and get a dang start button again on win8 lol!!!






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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-06-18, 1:29 AM

Well, that isn't true. I also don't like how it came with a 24.9gb partition that serves no purpose. It's not big enough to hold a backup, even after I remove everything. But I digress.


I uninstalled the driver that Windows 8 installed and replaced it with the one on on Lenovo's site. It didn't help. It still does the same thing. When you try to click on something, about one out of every four times, instead of selecting the link you click on, the pointer jumps down and to the right. It's so annoying. Anybody else have this issue. I think I have the new touchpad, not the old one that Lenovo admitted had a problem and replaced.


Moderator Note; subject edited; post merged in


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Unsatisfactory ELAN touchpad and DAO with Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

2013-06-21, 6:06 AM

I was quite dissapointed for the quality of product especially the ELAN touchpad. The demo set shown at the Lenovo Exclusive Stores in the Grex Multimedia
(Skudai Parade) was using syntactic touchpad but the unit sold to me was ELAN touchpad. It was totally different! It was prone to failure!
They should not install ELAN touchpad which will cause more problem to user.


Problem Description :

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 touchpad (ELAN) issue:
It doesn't work sometimes, the cursor random drift at screen.

Find that the left click "button" is not always reliable.

The mouse pointer has some delay.


Previous Troubleshooting Steps :
I tried a newer driver (v.

I disabled all the multi-finger functions.

I have changed the settings for the touchpad numerous times.

The problem remains the same.


I have made complaint to the service center and the exclusive store on the third day that I bought.


Also, the DOA given by the exclusive store was 3 days only and not inform the buyer. It was unfair and unreasonable! Normally,DOA will be 7-14 days. The poor service rendered by the exclusive store has made me  lost confident of your LENOVO products.


My purchasing information:

Purchase date and time : June 14 2013 20:25

Serial Number : xxxxxxxxxx

Model: 20193

Operating System : Windows 8

The unit has send to Johor Bahru service center(Enter Technology Sdn Bhd) on June 19 2013.
The said service center told me that Lenovo need one week to send out a completely new machine according to the DOA procedure.




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Re: Unsatisfactory ELAN touchpad and DAO with Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

2013-06-22, 15:44 PM

Rather dissapointed with lenovos customer service so far. Irecieved the laptop earrly this week. It was a refurb model. Instantly noticed the touchpad not working correctly, so I installed drivers and and tried a few things with no luck. Day after  I recieved the laptop I called customer service. The lady tried doing exactly what I did and still no luck, so she gives me a case number and tells me it will be 24hours...YAh right. I called them again today and said I want a replacement but not the same exact model, I want one with a 750 since it should be less likely to have a touchpad issue. So she looke at the difference in the price (30 dollars less for the one I wanted) and told me that she will email someone and I will hear back monday or tues! what the heck I am stuck with aa bad laptop that I cant even use the touchpad and I need to have  a laptop. poor customer service if you ask me. Why was this one even released?  THey should go through their inventory and look at each one to see which pad it has. I work at a factory this type of procedure is common the only reason you wouldn't do it is if your to cheap and don't care about your customers. To top it all off now the screen is messed up. if you hold it at a certain angle the cord must be getting pinched as the screen loses certain colors and looks grainy until you move it. This is rediculous.


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Re: Unsatisfactory ELAN touchpad and DAO with Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

2013-06-29, 0:23 AM

Very disappointed with my first experience with Lenovo. I purchased a Y500 from the outlet about a week ago and and everything looked great intially, I like the screen/keyboard and the beastly power of the machine, however, the now infamous touchpad issues have since reared its ugly head!


I never knew about the elan touchpad issues pre-purchase, I only found out about them through google and all the users on this forum who've had issues. My mouse has a mind of its own and jumps all over the place and randomly clicks and highlights things. It will sometimes move on its own while not even touching the pad! I have called in(which has cost me about 2.5 hours in time now) and the reps finally said today that they don't have the appropriate materials to fix the computer so my only option is to return it??? So I was even willing to have my new computer torn apart to fix the defective pad, but they don't even have the materials. The admins in this thread have seemed to blatently say that lenovo "has plenty of stock to fix the touchpad". This has been a very unprofessional experience with lenovo and there's no way I would purchase another machine or recommend lenovo to anybody.


Be very wary of purchasing any lenovo model with the elan touchpad as they will NOT fix the problem and thus the laptop is inoperable.




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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-07-17, 17:34 PM

Try uninstalling the present driver from Control Panel and restart. Install the latest driver from this link :


Restart the computer. Hope it works :)



If the pointer drifts again, sleep the pc and wake it up again. It will be alright :)

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