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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 17:33 PM

seanmt13, i called earlier this week to try and do an exchange for a y580....same originally priced system at $1299 as mine (maybe a about $30-$40 difference with various coupons). the y580 doesn't seem to have any real problem threads, has WiDi and i saw no keyboard problem threads or anything major


i will say, the rep was pretty rude. i asked if i could stay loyal to this brand, swap out the y500 for a y580 because of issues that can't be fixed right now. resounding NO was his response. in broken English, he told me "I send you email, you do this, you do that, you get refund.". When I asked him to explain how that works because If I had to return this, then reorder a y580 I didn't want to tie up twice as much money in two computers, we got irritated with me. Not a good experience. I'm running this issue thru Mark to see what help he can give but haven't heard back from him.


I will say that the rep sent me the email with a UPS mailing slip while we were on the phone. I was right at 30 days from my receipt date of the y500 system when i called a few days ago. BUT, i haven't reordered the y580 because the coupon i saw has expired. Both the y500 and the y580 i wanted to switch out for are retailing for $1299. I have to do something soon because i can't be without a laptop in a few weeks while i work from home after surgery. BUT i can't keep the y500 because of the random keyboard issue and definitely the non working touchpad. if it were to act up on my during a payroll, that could be pretty detrimental.


i did a ton of research on the y580 and i think it will solve my need for a better working system, same sizee, same specs except for SLI and ultrabay and memory expansion to 16 gb. plus I get working WiDi, which I really want.


Waiting on Mark!! help Mark!!


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 17:49 PM

Link to image


My Touchpad FIX- at least for now....


All- I have a Y500 purchased in early Dec.  It has the Elan touchpad with the original drivers.  I have been back & forth with the lack of WIDI issue and recently my touchpad has exhibited the typical issues... jumping around, etc.  I noticed that the problem only starts when I am typing and I brush my palm against the pad.  Once that happens, I cannot figure out how to stop it.


I am currently running Win 8 with Classic Shell (Win 7 interface emulator) and noticed that the Elan software places a small touchpad icon into the system tray.  (Win 8 OE interface does not have the system tray.)  Whenever the touchpad is used, a small blue dot appears on the icon in the approximate location where the pad is touched.  When my cursor started jumping around, I noticed the blue dots appearing on the touchpad icon, suggesting the pad was receiving some sort of false inputs or that it was too sensitive.


Here is how I fixed it (at least for an hour or two):

- I double-clicked the touchpad icon in the system tray and the Elan Touchpad properties box popped up.  (Touchpad Properties can also be accessed via Control Panel > Device Manager > Mouse > Elan tab)

- Under One Finger tab:  Disabled all except for Tapping and Clicking

- Under Multiple Finger tab:  Disabled all

- Under Additional tab:  Set Palm Tracking to one step below max, set Sensitivity to one step above minimum.  I kept Smart Motion enabled.


I figured there was some combination of swipe/touch/click that was confusing the pad.  For now it works, and I don't use any of the gestures in Win8 so disabling them isn't a big deal from me.  Perhaps a different combo of Palm Tracking & Sensitivity will work for other users.


SIlk01 Thanks for the tip. I took at look on the system stay under windows 8 (it is the little up arrow near the bottom right) and I found that the touchpad thought it was beeing touched despite the fact nothing was touching it.


Take a loop at the top icon second from the right. The Blue dot indicates a touch, however my hands were on my phone taking the picture.


In some cases it flashes as if the problem is intermintnt other times it just says blue as if there is some short.





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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 19:11 PM

I would like to add some points on this touchpad issue. When time pass by, it seems that the touchpad working better than at begining. Once the problem appears, it is easier than before to get rid of it by tapping around on the touch pad. Probably it because the dust it collectted during the time. Maybe one day it cures itself.


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 20:52 PM



Add me to the increasing list of people recognizing the severe touchpad issues that occur with the Y500. My touchpad will lock up and move uncontrollably an time within the first hour (often around only 30 minutes) of use. Putting the computer to sleep alleviates this problem temporarily, as many others have stated.



I find myself in a tricky position, as I am not sure what the do with this laptop. I am really impressed with this laptop outside of the touchpad issue and I have no particular desire for a substitute unless it were a significant upgrade or equitable for a suitable price. I also recognize that exchanging the laptop will likely not solve the problem. My main concern is that if I choose to hold on to the laptop and await a fix past the 21 day return period, tech support will not recognize that I was sold a faulty product should I find the need to return it (given a fix does not arrive in a timely manner). I know this point has been brought up before, but I would truly appreciate confirmation as to the specific details how long I can await a fix without being charged for returning the laptop. Reading through these forums, I have noted that many people sought to return the laptop with varying results from tech support.



Return it! Call sales; push the button to "modify" an order. Tell them you want to arrange a return. It takes about 5 minutes. They told me I would have a FULL refund.


Is a full refund only honored within the 21 day period? I really wish I didn't have to return this thing, I got a good deal on it and it suits my needs perfectly for the price... it's a shame.


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 21:43 PM



I wanted to share a bit on our progress on this issue..


After careful investigation, Lenovo has determined that a portion of Y500 systems with Elantech touchpads manufactured in November prior to 11/28/2012 could exhibit abnormal touchpad response characteristics. This is isolated to the Elantech touchpad assembly on these systems. Y500 systems manufactured after this date should not be affected.


Customers who experience these symptoms should contact Lenovo technical support for service to replace the touchpad assembly.  This should be done after ruling out other potential causes such as incorrect drivers or conflicts with other attached pointing devices. We are in process of checking / updating service part stock to ensure that repairs would be completed with the latest level parts.


Given the speed of the discussion here so far, I thought it was important to let you know what we've found and what we are doing as quickly as we could - as I'm communicating a bit ahead of  / in parallel with some of our actions, I would suggest that if you can delay contacting service until next week, we can have time to complete our internal communications and ensure a more consistent answer provided for resolution of these symptoms.








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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 21:58 PM

@Mark_Lenovo My y500 shipped today will it be shipped with the working touchpad?


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 22:04 PM

Thanks Mark.


Glad to hear that there is a solution now. Good luck with your internal communication and let us know when you are ready.


Personally, I will have to contact technical support from my office. I hope everything will go swiftly. I don't want to explain to my boss that I spent an hour on the phone... instead of doing my work... and letting him pay the phone bill too.. 


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 22:41 PM


Thank you for this good news!

Nice to hear that there is a solution.



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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 22:50 PM



The Y580 has been out a while and I don't think it exhibited these symptoms.   




I am interested in learning more about what you did / found out.   Certainly we believe we understand the principle issue here, but there can always be outliers - things that happen randomly in manufacturing or develop otherwise.  Could you send me any additional details in a PM - perhaps including the serial and build date on the bottom?


If you still have problems, as you are in NC, maybe we could have a look at your system?








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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Touchpad Not Working

2013-01-11, 23:10 PM

I finally recieved my Y500 a couple of days ago and last night the touchpad cut out completely. Coincidentally or not the system did freeze for a few seconds at the time it cut out.


I obviously tried pressing the function keys, rebooting etc., but nothing would bring it back


Today I fixed the problem by installing generic drivers from the Synaptics website.



I havent even looked to see what manufacturer my touchpad is, but they worked.


I dont know if this type of touchpad problem has any significance or has been discussed to this thread because I have not read all 42 pages but I thought it would be good to contribute anyway.


It appears Lenovo is having a string of touchpad problems! I sure hope they are covering the expenses incurred by their customers to arrange repairs, shipping etc. because if I had to return mine after all that frustration of waiting on hold on the phone for 30 and 40 minute sessions to speak to someone and furthermore delivery dates that kept changing to later and later dates over and over making it hard to be home from work to recieve the package resulting in having to pick my parcel which took 5 hours travel in winter, I would be furious.


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