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Re: Lenovo ideaPad z500 wi-fi connectivity issue

2013-10-21, 19:02 PM
I've had similar problems, but after installing the latest Intel driver for the Centrino n-2230 net card, I've barely had any problems. So that's what I'd recommend, go to the Intel homepage, and have it scan your computer for the latest drivers :)

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Re: Lenovo ideaPad z500 wi-fi connectivity issue

2013-10-27, 13:49 PM

This solutions works for me.

Download CommView for WiFi 7.0 from:

Install the program (works in windows 8 too) and install the wifi card driver recomended by the software. This is the name that must appear in the Device Manager when the driver is installed.

(CommView) Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter

This driver works perfect in my z500 and solve my problems of connectivity.

Sorry. My english is terrible.


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Re: Lenovo ideaPad z500 wi-fi connectivity issue

2014-01-15, 1:06 AM

Hi there.


I have Windows 7 OS and a Z500 with intel wifi. I am experiencing limited connectivity and other issues with my wifi connection, while Iám at the college. This is my second Win installation on this PC. At the first one I installed Intel ProSet wifi and it worked fine, but my wifi connection function button (little airplane on F7) didn't work. So now I guess I installed something else (maybe Lenovo wifi) and my button works, but the wifi is cracking me. I tried to install ProSet again, but something must have gone wrong because I don't have the program on the PC after the installation. I have only some diagnostic tool. 


Someone could tell me what should I do ? I would like to have both my function button working and great wifi connection. Is it possible ? :)


Thanks, Maxx.


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Re: Lenovo ideaPad z500 wi-fi connectivity issue

2014-05-22, 15:11 PM
I have an ideapad z500 which is ok, but after less than 6 months the wifi stopped working. The ISP said it must be my router, so I purchased a new DLink N300 ADSL2 Modem router. But still the ideapad can’t connect to the internet every time. 2 iphones, and ipad, and a 7 year old + Compaq connect perfectly. But the newest device, the Z500 can’t. The Qualcomm atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network is up to date. 64 bit, windows 7, Do I have to reboot the computer to fix this problem? No, tried that, still doesn’t work. Connected the yellow lan cable to the router and the computer, and sometimes it connects to the wifi in 20 mins, just now took over an hour. Sorry, I scared to just try anything without being confident that’s the right thing, and make the computer worse than it already is. Anyone any idea before I ………..!! Thanks in advance!

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Re: Lenovo ideaPad z500 wi-fi connectivity issue

2014-07-13, 15:16 PM


I have the exact problem as many owners of the z500. I can onlyconnect to internet only via LAN ethernet. My wifi is alway limited, sometimes it might shows internet access but no browsing. The signal strength is very good. Does anyone really found a solution? Where is lenovo support team? Or maybe Microsoft team? I am about to return it back as for with no wifi is useless. Any help please. I allready tried rebooting router, pc, regedit, command promb (admin), power management, update driver, ernable metered an maybe some other that i can't remember now. I am really desperate. Please post something 


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Re: Lenovo ideaPad z500 wi-fi connectivity issue

2014-12-03, 9:41 AM

hi, i've a similar issue with my lenovo z500 with i7 8gb ram 1 tb hard disk and windows 8.1 .

Sometimes i miss my wifi connection and the only way to solve this is to reset wifi card.


This is really unacceptble for a notebook that i bought for 800 euro!!


someone has another solution for this issue ???

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