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Lousy Customer Service Centre in Singapore. (Megalink Systems)

2009-01-22, 16:01 PM

Having several laptops before including the brands Sony, Acer, Apple, Dell, and now i got my hands on a Y430 Laptop 4 months back. I have to admit this was the worse experience i ever had.



My laptop experienced problem of displaying 6 screens of Windows this one day, and the problem persist for the next 2 days before it end up having auto shutdown within 20 seconds with no screen display when i tried to power up.


i presumed it could be due to a fault in the motherboard and a faulty graphic card and i bought the laptop to the service centre on the 18th Dec 08. The service centre confirmed with me that they will need 5 working days to get back to me. Fine.


But it ended up with me calling them week after week after week chasing for status. They cant even give me details of what is going on and why it is taking so long.


Even my previous laptop from Acer, took only 2 working days to change their faulty components and sent it back to me. The longest i have to wait. Given the rest of the previous laptops i had took only ave of only 2 to 4 hours for checks and repair.


Finally on 22nd Jan 09 did i received my laptop back from them. That was like 5 weeks! I did not received any documents stating what checks they had done on my laptop, what other issues encountered, what actions taken and what component/s replaced.


And what's next? I got back the laptop that finally didnt shut down on me, but the screen still display nothing. Meaning, it still remains a faulty product even after the service centre delivered it back to me. 


 Again i have to call on the service centre to check on the laptop and i dont even know how long i have to wait to get it back in working conditions. 


If this is the service i am suppose to experience again. I definitely will not recommend this brand to anyone, be it for work or leisure purposes.








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KL, M'sia.

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Apologize for the trouble you encountered

2009-09-08, 2:32 AM

Dear Wili,

I apologize on behalf of Lenovo for the issue that you encountered. In services era, customer satisfaction is vital. We have been trying to contact you through email and PM but have received no reply so far.   In the event that your issue still persists, please feel free to contact Lenovo Singapore support at 800-6012-047.

Alternatively, you may send me a private message here in the forum.  The private message function can be accessed via the small envelope at the top of the forum, or by clicking my forum name, and then selecting "send private message" from the profile page.

Wish you a pleasant day.


Lenovo ASEAN Services


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Re: Lousy Customer Service Centre in Singapore. (Megalink Systems)

2012-05-06, 13:37 PM
I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
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Re: Apologize for the trouble you encountered

2013-10-01, 2:23 AM

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I am not a Lenovo employee


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Re: Lousy Customer Service Centre in Singapore. (Megalink Systems)

2014-09-04, 16:01 PM

I have to add that I recently went to Megalink and had a terrible experience. My Yoga 13 couldn't rotate 360 degrees and I went there to sort it out. They said they would have to keep my machine for 5 days to chieck it. THere is no way I can part with my machine for 5 days as I use it for work. Finally, after much persuasion, they had an engineer look at it and the reply came that they would have to escalate it to "higher management" for approval. If approval is granted they would fix it, and if it's not then they customer service guy said he would call to inform me of the outcome and in the event it is not approved, he would call me and inform me along with the cost of repair. So I naturally asked how long all this would take, and he said he would let me know at the very end of the day (i was one of the first customers on  a Monday morning) or at the very latest, the morning of the following day (i.e. Tuesday). Well, Tuesday came and went, and finally towards the end of Wednesday, I called to enquire the outcome and I was told that the reply had already been given and it was not approved (why am I not surprised). No one called to inform me like they said they would and they never even offered to quote me the price.


I told the person on the line that I was going to file an appeal and he said he would get someone to call.The customer service guy was not helpful at all. When I said I wanted to file an appeal, he could not give me the number or name of any person I could contact. I asked him who the person was who had not approved my repair, and he wouldn't answer. Finally, when I pressed him, he said he would get the person to call me before the day was over, which of course never happened.


I bought my Yoga 13 over Chinese New Year, and I treat it like it is made of gold. Just 2 weeks ago, I had used it to show a presentation to a client and I had no problem rotating it 360 degrees. Then one day it decided not to work. There was no droppage, or rough handling of any sort. Clearly, this is a problem of poor workmanship, but will Lenovo take any responsibility? Of course not!


I had one previous experience with a Lenovo several years ago, and I swore I would never buy another one. When the Yoga 13 came on the scene, the reviews were good. So I decided I would give Lenovo one more try. After this experience, I will never make that mistake again. What's more, my clients often approach me for recommendations of laptops, and I will tell them to stay far away from Lenovo.


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Re: Lousy Customer Service Centre in Singapore. (Megalink Systems)

2014-10-07, 6:36 AM

I too would like to share on the worst service that i'm currently recieving from megalink. My Yoga 2 Pro is currently having some bluetooth issues which requires it to be sent for servicing. It has been more than 3 weeks since i sent it in. Very soon it will be a month and till date the problem is yet to be solved. Would like to share a summary on the entire issue.


- Sent in laptop and was told that issues should be just a wifi card problem thus replacement would be done and should take around 4 days. And would update me if requires more time.


- 4 Days later no response. Gave megalink another 2 days and still no updates. Called in and they said it has not been fixed. Was told to give them up to 10 working days.


- After 14 working days recieved a call saying i can collect it and that it was fixed. Went down only find out that the problem still persist. (What made it worst was that I had cab down) They apologise but frankly i'm still unsatisfied with the entire service. Was told to give them till tuesday to rectify the problem


- Till date the issue has yet to be resolved. Throughout the entire process they have failed to keep me updated on the ststus despite ensuring that they will do so. Reqally displeased with their service.


If such poor service persist this will be my last lenovo pc as long as megalink cos I live in Singapore. Lenovo is by no means a lousy computer brand but having poor service is really a dealbreaker. When I was in the states the service i had while i was there was exceptionally good. Lenovo should rethink their decision on having servicing outsourced to megalink.


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Re: Lousy Customer Service Centre in Singapore. (Megalink Systems)

2015-10-01, 9:19 AM

Sorry to hear about your experiences with MegaLink.


Perhaps get a Thinkcentre or Thinkpad series of the Lenovo products. they are generally quite decent, and our experience with them has been very positive too.


I am not writing from a distributor or service centre, but we're value added resellers and we do like Lenovo (THINK ONLY PRODUCTS) as they are well designed and rarely give problems.

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