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2015-12-11, 23:30 PM

I am having a nightmare story by buying one of the lenovo broken products. Last year on september I decided to buy a Lenovo Y50-70 Touch at best buy. I will call this notebook 1:

Notebook 1 broke in a week the video card. I brought it back to BestBuy and they replaced with a new one (big mistake I should have gotten a refund)


Notebook 2 lasted a while and it was OK, but it suddenly cracked the hinge after just 7 months of use. This is happening to EVERY lenovo Y50-70 and lenovo doesn't care. They keep selling a clearly and proven (google Lenovo Y50-70 hinge) poorly designed and broken product. I sent it to lenovo for repairs, it was supposed to be 1.5 to weeks to repair. 2 weeks after I phoned lenovo and they told it would take another month to repair it because they didn't have the parts. I told them this was completely unnaccaltable and they sent me a replacemente that got to me a week after. 3 whole weeks without a computer and I am computer science master student, my computer is my work. It was just hell.


Notebook 3 lasted 3 months and even though I was REALLY CAREFUL opening it the hinge cracked again after 3 months. I phoned them demanding a refund and they wouldn't do no mather what. They told me they would fix with another method that it wouldn't happen again. After a week and half I received it back and it was OK (the hinge was not as tight and I though they had indeed done something), but the screen went black after 2 weeks. I don't know what they did, but the laptop screen lost the connection with the computer (I know that because it worked just fine in a external monitor). I phoned them AGAIN saying I was done with it and that I wanted a refund and I am not staying weeks anymore without a computer. They escalated the case to another level I had to wait 3 days for them to phone me. The guy whom they have escalated would not give me the refund tellling me they can only give a refund 30 days after purchase (?????? so what good is your warranty). After much argueing I agreed that he would send me a newer and with higher specs model and I would keep the one that I had until it arrived at my home. I also asked him if it would take too long for it to get to my house, since I was going to travel outside the US for a whoel month in about two weeks. He told me not to worry about that and that it would be shipped in less than that. 1 week and something iater and the computer hasn't beend shipped yet so probably have to travel without my computer. Another whole month without computer because of lenovo ************ product and ******** customer services. 


Seriously save youself that ******* and don 't buy lenovo products.



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2015-12-12, 10:55 AM

You are right, lenovo doesn't care !!! 


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2015-12-12, 13:22 PM
yup.. here is the proof they dont care : https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Lenovo-Z510-Battery-Issues/td-p/2040767

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2015-12-12, 13:55 PM

Its a shame they destroying the brands. I was very careful in selecting this Z70 and had 14 day return option if I wanted to return it to Tigerdirect. I did due diligence and this seemed fine. Touch wood it stays running ok.


The Y series has a lot of post about the hinge and why it isn't retrofited with a different design boggles the mind. If you don't have a good service in frastructure in your area its certainly far better to look at someone elses product. I was but did not find the configuration I wanted.


good luck

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2015-12-13, 9:27 AM

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2018-05-01, 7:36 AM

This topic should be linked at the top of the page of every tab. Do not but Lenovo products. I have made a big mistake buying a Yoga 910 last year and seen all kinds of problems (cracked screen by itself not covered, noisy fan, not working with any adapters for external monitors, not sleeping when you flip the screen off, 4k resolution does not work with apps and you end up with tiny interphases, no digitizer in the screen so you cannot use a pen, weid right shift location, internet connection problems, etc. etc). I was able to convince 5 people for not buying this and going with something else,


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2018-05-01, 12:05 PM

Fun Fact: When I registered for this forums, I wanted to chose "DontBuyLenovo" as Nickname. Already chosen. Next try "DoNotBuyLenovo". Chosen. Then "NeverBuyLenovo". Chosen. Maybe this says something about this company?^^


My problems with my Lenovo Idea Pad Y700 outline:

Windows updates failed from the beginning which caused long waiting every time i started the PC (maybe Windows fault idk). Solved months later.

Regular freezes in games (supposed to be a gaming laptop).

Keyboard randomly crashes.


I guess other companies also produce bad products sometimes, but I have the feeling Lenovo is expert in this..


I send the Laptop now to let them repair it, wish me luck^^

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