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Need help with customer relations

2011-10-04, 10:16 AM

The title says it all. I have a Y560D which I saved up lots of money for. When I got the computer I fell in love with it, just like I did with my IBM Aptiva back in 1998, just like I did with my first thinkpad t series, and just like I did with my thinkpad edge. I want lenovo to know that I am a die hard lenovo fan and have referred lenovo to dozens of my family and friends. But lately it seems like lenovo is turning their backs on me. My Y560D is running into problems. The screen does not automatically change brightness settings when switching between AC adaptor or battery power. A lenovo technician connected to my laptop remotely to check if my settings were good and she discovered that it was probably a hardware issue and asked me to send my laptop in for repair. This is very difficult for me to do since I am a Health science student at university and need my laptop every minute of my life. However, I sent my computer in for repair and borrowed a buddy's laptop for 2 weeks till it got back from the technicians...unrepaired. They snet me a letter with my computer saying that it had gone through extensive testing and should be perfectly working now. It most definitely was NOT and the exact same problem still persisted! I called again and the technician told me to send it in again. When I explained that it would be impossible for me to send it in again, she made me call back later at a time that the supervisor was working, so I did. After many troubles when I was finally able to speak to the supervisor, he simply told me that I had to speak with customer relations about this problem. He told me that they would call me, they never did. I called back a a month or so later and went through the same process again. Again, I still have not received a call. I feel helpless and abandoned. I have absolutely no clue what to do now and how to reach customer relations. Please tell me what to do!


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Re: Lenovo Customer Relations Department made me cry

2011-10-04, 14:07 PM

Welcome to club , iam sorry to hear that, nothing is going to happen i had been in tha same situation for 2 months later they will bargain to do repairs and they will say you did something some part is broke its not under warrenty you have to pay for that 


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Re: Need help with customer relations

2011-10-04, 21:46 PM



Sorry to hear that you are having trouble.  There are several discussions in the forum about the automatic brightness adjustments on the IdeaPads and perhaps you could take a peek at them to see if any might help in your situation.


If we have remoted into the system and the drivers are in place, and if it has gone to the repair center and they tested, then either it is a matter of settings (in which case some of the related disucssions might help) or there is an intermittant issue that might not have shown up during the repair.


Nobody wants to send in their system and be without it, and I understand it can be really frustrating to get it back with the same issue.  Service can escalate to customer relations for review and potential alternatives for resolution, and it may take a couple of days in some instances for the team to receive the case and reach out to the customer.  Since you have been waiting, if you can send me a private message with your contact information - name , address, phone, the system serial #, and your prior service case #, I'll see if we can speed this along....


Apologies for your troubles! 






Sorry that you had a disappointing experience.   I'm not sure that your case directly relates if it was billable or partially billable.  There are situations in which a system will have signs of physical damage or require repair efforts outside the scope of normal warranty support, and service will advise the customer of this.   If the customer doesn't agree with the service center's judgement, the case can be escalated and we may make a concession of the repair in part or full depending on the merits of the individual situation.


It sounds like a partial concession was made in your case, and I can appreciate why that may not have completely met your expectations.



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