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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

2008-12-31, 16:49 PM

So, have you contacted your credit card company yet?  It could be a simple single call and you're set.


If you're shipping address isn't registered for your credit card you will have problems with most all online retailers nowadays, as it's one of the tick boxes on the PCI checklist.


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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

2008-12-31, 17:29 PM
Thank you.  The shipping address is the same, so that's not a problem. I just got off the phone with a Lenovo manager, and she said, "our credit card processing is always this slow, once we're through this stage, it's a breeze. It seems like your order slipped through the cracks"  5 days to authorize a credit card????  She put a priority on it, and is going to monitor it personally, and give me a call once we're squared away.

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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

2008-12-31, 17:36 PM

yeah right.  There's no such thing as priority.  Then this whole "personally" monitor is just a lie.  I got that same treatment.


Guess what Santosh was a liar.  He and his accomplice Grusha lied to me saying he was was supervisor.  Hmmmm...Yeah 2nd level is taking this to internal affairs for this lying and impostoring business.  I'm really shocked at the games they play around.


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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

2009-01-02, 14:19 PM

I just called and cancelled my order. It was almost $1800 that they're not going to see coming out of my pocket. 

Yesterday I went to Best Buy to browse through their blu-ray movies, and saw a deal on a laptop I couldn't resist.  It's a Vaio AW series.  It was down from $1800ish to $1200-something.  But, they're out of stock, so they gave me the floor model with an additional 10% off.  So now I have a laptop IN MY HANDS, with slightly better specs than the Y730 model I was getting, and around $600 cheaper.  I'm not a Sony fan, but I have a laptop with the desired specs, and I get to use it right away.  :manvery-happy:


Oh, when I checked my order status this morning for the Y730, the shipping date was bumped from 01/02 to 01/07.  So much for the "expedite" they promised me. lol


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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

2009-01-05, 3:06 AM

I placed an order for a Y530 system on 12/26.  My order status showed an estimated ship date of 1/1/09.  On 1/2/09, I called Lenovo and spoke with a CSR who informed me that my order would not be shipping until the week of 1/14/09; the manager I asked to speak to was entirely unhelpful when I stated that this ship date was unacceptable.


I called again on 1/3/09 and spoke with a CSR who transferred me to her manager, Ali.  Ali told me that because my order had not shipped by it's original ship date, that she was moving my order to the priority line, and that she guaranteed it would ship by the 8th, and arrive by the 11th of January.


I went online today to check the status of my order using the link in my original order email, and rec'd the following message: "Customer not found. For Assistance call 1-866-428-4465 or 1-866-42THINK."


I tried calling Lenovo to find out what's going on, but it appears that their sales offices are closed (understandable on a Sunday at 10:00 p.m.); however, I need to find out what's going on with my order.  The order # is 2D8H2W.  Any help from Mike, perhaps?


At this point, I am INCREDIBLY close to cancelling my nearly $1100 order, walking across the street and buying an HP.


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My IdeaPad Y 530 Order

2009-01-05, 3:14 AM
I ordered a Y 530 405164U on 12/04/08. And my estimate ship date was changed once to 01/08/09. But when I check the status today, it told me customer not found!!!!!!!! So are there anyone can explan to me?

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Re: My IdeaPad Y 530 Order

2009-01-05, 3:16 AM
It's probably just weekend site maintenance.  Try again tomorrow.


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Re: My IdeaPad S10 order

2009-01-05, 4:29 AM



I have had the same experience.

Ordered 1/1/09  Shipping date 1/8/09

Paypal same day for complete total.

All data on Lenovo site and Paypal agree (address, phone, etc)

Absolutely no action,no email, no response of any kind since (I mean Friday WAS a legal LENOVO work day as the order center was answering the phone).

This evening all of a sudden *POOF* I don't exist!


Frankly I don't care if they do find the order, I am not impressed with Lenovo's web business procedure. I have built Web sales operations in the past, my wife runs the Web Sales portal for her firm (largest private label shoe maker in USA) and believe me LENOVO has proven that they haven't a clue what it takes to sell on the web. Getting my $$ back is no big deal, my CC will do what I say not what Paypal says.


Not even DELL is this bad, and that is scraping the bottom of the toilet bowl.


If Mark cares to PM me and explain, I'll listen...


JB Weld


No response from Mark, but I guess he is up to his keister in Monday email, as are we all.

Spent 1 hour on the phone waiting for CSR to give me an update when I get an email that it has shipped...

Wonders never cease.

Still no excuse for a Web Order system that accurately confirms that the original order was accepted and that reflects the true situation (Credit holds, ship dates, Etc).

I'll update when the wee beastie arrives and is running Office 2007 Pro...



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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

2009-01-05, 4:51 AM

I think nonny is right, the site may be down for maintenance as I also just got the "Customer not found. For Assistance call 1-866-428-4465 or 1-866-42THINK." message.


EDIT: And the site is back again.

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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

2009-01-05, 22:25 PM

Follow-up to previous posting:


Ideapad Y530 40512UU ordered: 12/11/08

First estimated ship date: 12/19/08

Second estimated ship date: 12/31/08


Notified by email that Lenovo shipped it from NC by 3-day select: 12/27/08

Physically entered UPS system in  NC: 12/29/08

Estimated UPS delivery date: 1/5/09

Arrived at our home: 1/5/09


My wife loves it!  Another successful interaction with Lenovo.

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