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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-17, 21:06 PM

i installed windows 8.1 pro myself and did all the updates to power manager and all that software and drivers from their website. I also did updates to intel drivers from intel website to no avail. Still clicking. I am sure that this is not a windows problem, it's a Lenovo problem.

Can't belive that technic dep don't know about the probem....what do we have to do to keep this post a sticky....it's always in the first two pages. Are they even looking to their own support forum...?   SHAME ON YOU LENOVO


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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-18, 23:31 PM

I think this problem needs a significant amount of more attention. It is EXTREMELY annoying to use this laptop to work in a silent room while constantly hearing a clicking noise from a laptop that should be near silent (especially with an SSD).


Sending it back is useless.


Contacting Lenovo will just get you more frustrated by talking to people who won't be able to do anything.


And guess what? I couldn't even send it back for repair because my return boxes NEVER arrived.


Worst of all, mods will either erase or ignore this either way. It would be great if they would actually let us know or give us an update on this issue.


PS. My fan is clicking as I'm writing this.


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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-22, 16:53 PM
This fan noise is seriously pissing me off. FIX IT LENOVO.

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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-22, 17:33 PM

I was super concerned when I heard what sounded like a HDD searching/spinning in my SSD laptop =P

I'm glad to find this thread. It's definitely intermittent for me but I was confused when I first heard it.


When it finally kicks up, it sounds like a little grunt or grinding noise from the mid/right of the body of the laptop. It seems to happen once every 1.5 seconds or so, and it comes and goes. It DEFINITELY seems to disappear when the other fans pick up. I've listened pretty closely, and when the computer gets taxed, the ticking goes away.


I'd love a statement from Lenovo about this issue.


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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-23, 21:05 PM
I just got a reply from MEDION support Denmark regarding the fan noise. Basically they told me that they dont think its a real problem with the laptop, and i shouldnt get my hopes up for any bios update. However they have sent my case to further analysis to 2. level support? Getting the laptop sent for repair or cancel the deal, was only other options they could offer. I'm not inclined to that yet. However i think they are aware of this thread now.

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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-23, 21:31 PM

also having fan issues. the fan is making a very annoying high pitched whirring noise in pulses. 


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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-25, 3:43 AM

I'm also an owner of Y50 laptop. I've had this laptop for a month but it wasn't until this week that this problem showed up. 


I also hear clock ticking sound as the laptop goes into idle state. This is extremely annoying to hear a random clock ticking noise in a silent room when you are trying to work. 


I've also upgraded my Y50 to SSD since the day one and it has been pretty silent for a month until this week. 


I've opened up the laptop and saw that the fan on the left (when the laptop is upside down) makes the ticking noise right before it slows down to a stop. I'm betting that that is the gpu fan because the other fan is always running. 




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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-25, 9:16 AM
A few days ago i noticed this.

It is now unnoticeable. It is driving me nuts!

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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-26, 15:34 PM

also having fan issues.


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Re: Y50 Big fan pulsating and clicking

2014-09-26, 19:52 PM



I just bought this laptop yesterday, i really like it very much! the bad thing? seems an swiss clock! from the first day it ticks.. i did bios update, and even reinstalled windows waiting lots of hours!.. nothing.. i will bring it back tomorrow.. hope next one wont have this issue.. i dont wanna buy another one.. i really like this lap! LENOVO PLEASE HELP US

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