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WARNING FOR RAPIDDRIVE USERS Who Wish to Change Their Partiton Scheme

2013-03-06, 22:11 PM

I tried using Windows 7's Disk Management utility to shrink a Y580's C: drive so I could install linux. It seemed successful; disk management showed that the C: partition was successfully shrunk, and there was unallocated space on the HDD when viewed with my linux installer's partition editor (GParted).


However, installing linux in that space rendered that machine unbootable. I thought it was just a case of a badly configured bootloader, but recovering the bootloader using any means (Super Grub Disk 1&2, Windows Recovery Environment, PLoP, and other tools in the Ultimate Boot CD) did not fix the problem. 


I don't have any proof, but I think that the partition shrink didn't really free that space. As I understand it, RapidDrive works by overflowing a partition on the Solid State Drive into unallocated space on the HDD. To maximize performance, it dynamically moves files from one drive to the other. As a result of this it is impossible to know what files are on what drive. Furthermore, I think that this overflow is deeper than the partition level. If it was only on the partition level, wouldn't Windows' Disk Management be unable to see the free space, or grow a shrunk partition?


As such, unless accessed through Windows' Disk Management  on some version of Windows with RapidDrive installed, the entire solid state drive and the unallocated space that RapidDrive takes over during the installation process is, effectively, permanently consumed by Windows. To recover that space would involve deleting the Windows installation.


Heed my warning - I learned the hard way. Don't try to dual boot linux on a Windows machine with RapidDrive! In fact, don't modify partitions using anything but your RapidDrive-enabled Windows 7 Disk Management utility, or write to anything space that has been a part of RapidDrive outside of that utility. You may have to reformat the entire drive!


Posted by arashi =====

I received one of the first Y560's with rapid drive, and I posted immediately over a year ago, and I'll post it again. As a former laptop test engineer, and in both the software AND hardware business since 1981. Also a former Advisory Software Engineer from IBM.

STAY AWAY FROM RAPID DRIVE. I'm sending my laptop back to them AGAIN for the 2nd time. Hopefully they can salvage my data.

1. Back up all your data, go into the CMOS, disable the rapid drive, and re-install windows and restore your data, or
2. Back up your data EVERY FREAKIN DAY.

It's a great idea with ABSOLUTELY LOUSY implementation.

Andy Marrone
Former Advisory Software Engineer for IBM
Former Laptop Test Engineer for NEC


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