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2016-01-19, 10:52 AM

Hi all! I have a serious question! I bought my lenovo y50-70 in the firsts days of january 2015! Now I'm having some problems and I wanted to use the warranty! I checked it and it appears strange things :


Base Warranty
Start Date:
End Date:
Warranty Type:
How is this even possible ? Shouldn't it be 2 years warranty?
Solved! See the solution

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Re: Warranty

2016-01-19, 17:15 PM

I had an issue where my warranty didn't even exist and was unable to be found in the lenovo systems. My experience with support over the phone was discouraging.

They said they didnt know what was wrong and that they didn't know what to do about it. I persisted and asked what do they mean? Someone has to know how to handle the warranty issues, obviously this is an accident in Lenovo's system etc etc. Asked to have the call elevated. They said that they don't see what that would achieve but they would do it for me. After the call was elevated the situation was resolved by emailing their warranty department my proof of purchase and laptop information. It was fixed in their system within two days.

You will need the invoice of your purchase which was emailed to you or the receipt from the purchase. (physical or digital copies).

If you don't have them they might be able to find the sale date in their system by looking up your serial number. But to be sure, just dig out that invoice from your email or look up your credit card history and pull up the receipt from your online banking.


If you purchased your device from a reseller and not lenovo, then you may be out of luck since warranty kicks in when Lenovo sells the laptop not when someone else sells it after buying it from them. However, this is not a guaranteed rule and you can check with lenovo and the direct store that sold the laptop.


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Re: Warranty

2016-01-19, 21:45 PM

Hi dylan6994,


Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums.


Regarding the warranty, it is based on two things. Usually the warranty of the computer is 1 year based on the Serial Number  or 1 year based on the date of purchaseSince you mentioned you have purchased it around the first week of January 2015, I do recommend for you to get the copy of the receipt, then contact support, they might be asking you to email the copy of your receipt for them to validate and update the warranty. 


Regarding the 2 years warranty, it depends. If you have purchased warranty extension from Lenovo, I also suggest to let the support know as long as you have supporting documents for them to update the warranty.  Warranty extension from stores are usually purchased along with the purchase of the computer, usually will take over once warranty from the manufacturer has ended. Warranty extension from Lenovo and warranty extension from the store are different. 


Support Number


1-997-51926 (Costo della chiamata: 11,88 centesimi di € al minuto + IVA)

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This helped me too


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Re: Warranty

2016-01-20, 3:34 AM

I agree with RapidFury here...


The base warranty is typically 1 year and the end date can be adjusted if you have a proof of purchase from the store where you bought it and contact support.


If you have purchased an extended warranty through Lenovo, and you have the receipt for that as well, Support can also have that added.  Warranties purchased through Lenovo can be refected on the support site warranty look up function, however 3rd party warranties which may be sold by other companies will not be shown.


I've marked RapidFury's reply as the solution because he has explained how this works.   Please continue this discussion if you have your receipts and need further help after contacting Lenovo support.


Best regards,




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Re: Warranty

2016-02-20, 10:03 AM

Dear Mark



i need your advise / comment , as i just bought from the market  the Lenovo G510 I5 4200M  2.5G   , and when i checked in the system i found that the warranty expired  the S/N *********** , machine type 59410256 i need to know in case of any hardware   issue i wont face problem with Lenovo representative in Egypt . and the warranty still vaild for me as end user for 2y if not 1y


Await your comments and feed back and correct me if i was wrong



Mod's Edit: Serial number removed from public view to protect owner from its unwanted use.

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