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Why can't we upgrade our Y460/Y560 to have RapidDrive?

2010-08-05, 1:34 AM


I was one of those people who bought a Y560 (060462AU) back in April expecting it to have RapidDrive. I was disappointed when I found out that it didn't come with it even though it had the RapidDrive '+' beside the 'lenovo ENHANCED EXPERIENCE' icon on the stores purchasing page. I know I'm not the first person to complain about this and there are many other blogs about this deceptive advertising.


My question is, 'Why can't I get an FRU SSD now that they are selling Y560's that have this technology?'. Lonovo is currently selling IdeaPad Y560 060462TU with RapidShare (or at least I am assuming they are it's the exact same convoluted advertising they used back in April). I've already talked to tech support twice today and both representatives informed me that it was possible to simply add the SSD in the mini PCI-e slot and install the RapidDrive drivers but they didn't know how to sell me the SSD and transferred me to sales. The sales department said that they couldn't sell me individual components and sent me back to technical support and then tech transferred me back to sales after another hour long conversation!


The FRU # for the SSD, Samsung MMCRE32GEDXP-MVB mSATA 32G is 16004557, and for the 64GB 16004558. Has anyone else tried? Can someone from Lonovo clarify why this is such a problem?


Any thoughts are welcome!


Here's the tech info for all Y560's (very hard to find!)




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Re: Why can't we upgrade our Y460/Y560 to have RapidDrive?

2010-08-05, 3:20 AM

I wouldn't  bother. 


If I was in your boat I'd just get a real SSD. 


I have a rapiddrive y560, yes its nice and noticeably quicker than a standard laptop.

I also have 'real' SSDs in my workstation and media centre, and they EAT rapiddrive for lunch. 


With rapiddrive you lose manual control, as lenovo has zero documentation on how to setup rapiddrive, you just have to run the install utility and hope it works. Then you can't see your partitions in disk management correctly, it thinks your mechanical drives are uninitialised etc. Can you defrag? etc. none of these questions are answered by lenovo. Its pretty pathetic really esp on top of the 1000 other issues I've had with this laptop, 999 of them to do with BROKEN RIVERS SHIPPED WITH IT. 


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Re: Why can't we upgrade our Y460/Y560 to have RapidDrive?

2010-08-10, 2:13 AM



Lenovo's really dropped the ball with this RapidDrive thing.  In addition to not providing much documentation or support for it, they've also proved incapable of answering even basic questions.  Heck, many of the reps don't even seem to know what it is.  I wouldn't wait for them to get their act together, because you might be waiting a very long time.



Note from Moderator:  A comment which violated the forum rules was removed.



To the Moderator who just edited my post:  could you please explain (here or via pm) how the second paragraph "violated the forum rules?"  I just reviewed them but saw no conflict.  Thanks.


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Re: Why can't we upgrade our Y460/Y560 to have RapidDrive?

2011-01-22, 15:37 PM

Strongly agree, I've been looking recently at improving the performance on my Y560 (no rapiddrive).


I have an i7 model with a hitachi 7200rpm drive.


To use RapidDrive technology, it makes sense to me I  should be able to upgrade by buying (i don't care how/where):



Or another mSATA SSD:



Then use Lenovo's RapidDrive software:



Please lenovo, communicate more clearly the benefits of RapidDrive.

It makes some of your consumers doubt your "innovation" with other products like the U1 hybrid laptop





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Re: Why can't we upgrade our Y460/Y560 to have RapidDrive?

2011-03-25, 10:35 AM
USB-C: Just cos it fits don't mean it works.
I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
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