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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-07-31, 1:57 AM

I can't seem to update from 10.6 to 10.7.


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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-01, 1:23 AM

Update to my problem posted earlier: I did the OneTouch restore and restored my laptop to its initial factory settings, only to find that the problem aggravated. Now, whenever I turn on my laptop my screen flashes non stop, sometimes it flashes so rapidly that it just appears white.


Thats it. The first thing I am doing Monday is calling the sales dept. Since its been less than 21 days since the date of purchase, I really hope they replace the machine and do it soon too! I am leaving for college on August 17. I hope I get my replacement before that.


This was not expected from Lenovo. They are suppose to offer like the best quality laptops!! That was one of the reasons I chose Lenovo. I wanted a laptop that would last me at least 4 years of college without any problems and the next thing I know is that its not even a week  and I already have a screen that flashes like its taking pictures of the user? I mean really, its LENOVO, they are suppose to be the leaders of notebooks, IBM - they became a symbol for mobile computing 20 years ago. 


And now they are using some third party (AUO) model panels that are good for nothing? I love Lenovo, thats why I only went for Lenovo and nothing else, I am aware about their superior quality since I have used other laptops by them and thats why I am just stunned right now...


I just really really hope my replacement arrives soon and doesn't have any problems!


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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-02, 16:23 PM

Is Lenovo still looking at this issue?! Just because the dancing pixels are gone, does NOT mean that we're satisfied! The gradients on the screen of the y560 are terrible, with noticable false contouring and inaccurate color tones, which is unacceptable. Where is the "stunning HD" quality we were promised?! Yeah, this is stunning, alright. Stunningly terrible.


I uploaded some pictures which compare my 5 year old laptop screen with the y560. My 5 year old laptop is always on the left and the y560 is on the right.




The gradients and colors on my old laptop are noticably better than on the y560. FIX THIS, Lenovo!!!


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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-02, 17:03 PM
your 5 year old is better than lenovo y560.i wont buy lenovo laptop NO LONGER

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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-02, 19:55 PM

cukhi123, you said it perfectly.

Lenovo, please fix our screens!!!

Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 - 06462BU - Black

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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-03, 1:05 AM

Upon revisiting this thread I want to update what I said.  I most definitely am getting the “ants” around the edges when moving windows around, particularly vertically.  It’s pretty bad, actually; I don’t know how I missed it before.


This specific problem can’t possibly be a panel issue, can it?  It has to either be a driver or BIOS issue.  I hope.  Then I hope Lenovo will actually do something about it.


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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-03, 1:52 AM

So true we are still wating for the fix..........


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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-03, 5:47 AM

updating info -


bought 2 y560s a few weeks ago


could instantly see the "dancing pixel" & strong banding in gradients problem....


now i'm on-site at a conference getting ready to run the AV shows tomorrow, and i'm NOW ALSO having the random BIG CURSOR problem too....


but it comes and goes - have no clue what i do to suddenly have it LARGE... still functions, so i'll be working with it for awhile, in photoshop, powerpoint or on the web, then suddenly i notice that the cursor is back to normal size????


no idea what's going on


has LENOVO responded to anyone about these issues yet?


hehehe - i started writing this response with a normal size cursor and now notice that it's GIGANTO CURSOR! :)





the show doctor


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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-03, 8:39 AM

add me to the list of not happy customers
- 'dancing pixel' only noticeable on discrete graphics and at an angle. OK I can sorta live with that... but
- terrible gradients as reported above
- splotches of color like bad dithering as reported above


re: big cursor, I've read that this is an ATI driver issue, if so, HOW ABOUT AN UPDATE FOR THOSE OF US WITH SWITCHABLE GRAPHICS WHO CANNOT USE ATI OFFICIAL DRIVERS?!?!?!

I concur: pls fix this lenovo, quality assurance???


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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

2010-08-03, 11:27 AM

showdoc, for the big mouse, you can just install the newest version of the ATI drivers:

Try this kind-of-tutorial: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/IdeaPad-Y-U-B-and-Z-series/Big-Mouse-Cursor-Bug/m-p/251669#M24795

Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 - 06462BU - Black
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