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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-16, 13:46 PM

In a previous post in this thread I noted that I also was miffed with Lenovo about the Widi problems on my new Y500.  Turns out I am also encountering touchpad and keyboard issues like a lot of other new y500 users.  In fact - my build date is 12/11/24, Lenovo has admitted there is a problem with the Elan touchpad on models built prior to 12/11/28 and are offering a repair path (which will be in efffect sometime nect week after they get their act together).


Seems to me that the Y500 is VERY suspect.  Just too many new users reporting WiDi, keyboard and touchpad problems.  I'm hoping that Lenovo will do the right thing and offer all of us early adopters of the Y500 a path that - at no cost to any of us, will either fix the WiDi, touchpad and keyboard problems, offer us a full up no questions asked refund on our purchase, or an equivelent Y580 replacement.


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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 16:14 PM




Please forgive me for seeming obtuse on this...


I've looked at the marketing page on our shop site for Y500 and do not see any widi support claims.



I've checked the link for the tech specs from the same page, the link at the bottom to the Y500 tech specs, and do not see any widi claim, nor mention of HD4000 - instead I only see the Nvidia GeForce listed here.



I checked the PSREF sheet for Y500 and see "web only" models listed



and under graphics, the following is listed:


Some: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Graphics, 2GB GDDR5 memory, DirectX®
11, Some: Dual NVIDIA GeForce®
GT 650M Graphics, 2GB GDDR5 for each, one GT 650M
via Ultrabay, DirectX 11, NVIDIA SLI®
enabled, require 170-watt power adapter,
external monitor support via analog VGA connector / digital HDMI connector


I don't see where we specifically mentioned either HD4000 / optimus capability or Widi support ?   


Was there a previous version of any of these pages that stated widi support?   I'm looking into this internally and trying to get the right and final technical answer on this.   As I work toward that, it is helpful to understand a bit more about how expectations were set.  I've re-read this thread and understand that sales and technical support agents may have communicated different things based on what has been posted.


So, my question to the group here is not intended to challenge what you are saying, but rather to understand a bit more of the background.  If we have widi support advertised, can you share the link?  





Hi Mark, Widi and the intel 4000 and even optimus are advertised directly or indirectly in serveral places. Please see the image below from page http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:category.details?current-catalog-id=12F0696583E04D86B9B79B0FEC01C087¤t-category-id=C46D71ACFD7C4475B8E490358F8CA8C3&tabname=Compare


Link to picture




Link to picture


intel 4000


Link to picture


Moderator note; picture(s) totalling >50K converted to link(s) Forum Rules


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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 16:32 PM



My Y500 is model number 954135U.  It is no longer listed on the Y500 spec page.  If I serch the Lenovo site for 954135U I get two search results both of which when selected send me back to the main Lenovo laptop page.  Seems my particular y500 model 954135U is no longer available .....  Hard for me tp respond to your request when I can no longer find any details of my particular Y500 model on the lenovo site.


BTW - I appreciate your continued review on this issue and look forward to a positive conclusion for all of us.




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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 16:51 PM



I'll need to look into your specific model - not sure why it is not currently listed.  Generally speaking,  we do refresh the submodels published to the web (our taxonomy is model which is the first 4 digits like 9541 and then a 3 digit sub model which defines some of the specific features of that particular config).


Evan, and All,


We have been investigating widi support capability on Y400 / Y500 with our development teams and currently we are told that these will not support widi because they are discrete only graphic subsystem and not optimus enabled.   I appreciate the screen shots above from the PS ref sheet that list the HD4000 Intel video capability as standard part of the Intel CPU spec.  I suspect that when these spec sheets were published that standard specs of the CPU were listed and those do not reflect the overall capability at the system level.


We are updating information on the web to reflect that Y400 / Y500 do not support widi.

Updates have been made to the  Y series comparison page on the Lenovo.com site here.


I'll follow up to see what updates need to be made to other pages (including those listed above) to ensure a more consistent message on the capability of the systems.


We are continuing to explore this issue with development to see if a BIOS update could enable these features at some future point, but the present outlook is that it will not.  If this position changes, we will post a further update.  


For now, I think we have to proceed with the expectation that the Y400 / Y500 will not support widi.


Let's continue discussion on touchpad or other separate issues in their respective threads.   If the widi support issue is critical for you, then I would recommend you contact your place of purchase to evaluate your options.   


Best regards,










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This helped me too


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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 17:59 PM

As per Mark's (lenovo rep.) comments, Lenovo finally admitted that there is no WIDI on Y500. That means false advertising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They offer NO APOLOGIES, no nothing. I spent over $1000 and 6 weeks of constant fighting with Lenovo reps. on laptop that does not work as advertised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB LENOVO!!!!!!!


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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 18:18 PM

Falsly advertised due to ignorence. Lenovo's chain of command can obviously use some more technical knowledge and be more in the know of what's going on.


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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 18:37 PM

Yeah I think we need some cashback now!


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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 19:31 PM
That's it. If Lenovo won't take action for its own faults I will never ever think of purchasing Lenovo products again. That was my very first new (but faulty and false advertised) laptop in my life.
Very disappointed and sad!

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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 17:32 PM
Off-topic (Y580) post moved to its own thread.

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Re: Wireless Display (WIDI) issue on ideapad Y500

2013-01-17, 19:45 PM

The problem is that some of us called and asked sales support to confirm if he Y500 had WiDi and they said yes. It's not like we didn't try to verify iit.  


MARK: For those of us who made the purchase from Lenovo.com, can you provide us with some kind of confirmation that will help us to get a refund from post-sales? They are completely clueless and I'm dreading picking up that phone.


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