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yorba linda ca

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Y430 + Lenovo = Trash.. dont buy!

2008-10-20, 1:30 AM

Just wanna let people who are thinking bout buying a lenovo ideapad to think twice.


I purchased a y430 and brought it back to circuit city after 2 days. I will be buying a HP dv4 soon.


No x64 bit support at all it goes beyond the acpi driver. The hotkeys and other stuff.

The LAN is wacked too something bad in it.

The O2Micro drivers do not allow readyboost support.


The only great bout it was the processor speed and the quality of the gma 4500mhd. nice video card really Everquest 2 looked nice in it. 


Whats the point of a core/2 notebook if it cannot handle the future.


My experience has been totally trash.... Warning to u.


I am going to spread some bad stuff bout this experience as well on blogs and my company to stay clear away. I should of know being in this business for over 20 years it was kinda obvious to me when i see the god horrible support site. 


NO x64 support and those other problems. Dont buy a Lenovo Ideaapad... trash... Who cares bout 32 bit support its gonna go away in Windows 7 next year. The bottom line Y430 is crap good for nothing..


To: Lenovo


delete my account i wont be coming back.


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New York

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Re: Y430 + Lenovo = Trash.. dont buy!

2008-10-20, 17:28 PM

I purchased the Y430 from Circuit City as well. 


I have found the laptop to be pretty decent depending on what you want to do with it.


If you want to watch dvd's, work with photos, view the odd youtube video, etc, this is a pretty decent machine. 


I would hazzard that for a $578 price point, it's well ahead of the competition, considering you can get a single core netbook for around the same price with pretty crappy specs.


If you want a gaming pc or something future proof, I would recommend looking elsewhere.  If you want a pc you can take to the bathroom with you, bang around on a plane, spill beer on or listen to music with, this is a great machine.


The ONLY issue I've had with it is the wierd CPU usage.  I cleaned the bloatware off when I first received the laptop and put it next to my old 1.85 dual core machine.


When I ran spybot search & destroy side by side, I noticed that  the 2.0gz cpu was maxing out with 100% usage on both cores.  My old 1.8gz had one core at 80% average with the other CPU at 10%.


Both machines have the same memory (3gig), but the only difference is that the y430 has an integrated video card and my old machine has an nvidia dedicated card.


Anyone know what's up with this?






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Moscow, Russia

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Re: Y430 + Lenovo = Trash.. dont buy!

2008-10-21, 12:34 PM

That's great that both cores are loaded by 100% - that means that they're utilised effectively.

Another case is if they're loaded by 100% while you're doing nothing on laptop. That's bad.

Just check which process eats so much processor's efficiency.

//help will save the world

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Baltimore, md

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Re: Y430 + Lenovo = Trash.. dont buy!

2008-10-21, 16:39 PM
I returned two of the y430's due to horrible wifi reception in the 802.11N 5ghz range. It kept dipping down to 6-12 mbps and dropping out every couple hours, all while my macbook kept solid connection and above 108 mbps.

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Denver, CO

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Re: Y430 + Lenovo = Trash.. dont buy!

2008-10-22, 16:06 PM

Why in the world would you run 64 bit windows?  It doesn't even support WPA2 and it's been years since WPA2 came out.


If you want to run a future proof OS run one that really supports 64 bits, WPA2 and all... Like BSD or Linux or even MAC OSX.  At least all of those can run WPA2 and other useful security features in 64 bit mode.


In the Windows universe, 64 bit is still a **bleep** child, while in Unix land, we've had 64 bit code for well over a decade.  The intel 64 bit is just like the 20th or so 64 bit hardware to run the various unix flavors.


I did keep Vista on my laptop as a dual booter, cause the games are still much better there.  Everything else I can run just fine in native or Wine.


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San Francisco, CA

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Re: Y430 + Lenovo = Trash.. dont buy!

2008-10-24, 6:18 AM

Why 64-bit windows? So we can use 4GB RAM.


This is a Lenovo PC so OSX is irrelevant, and I would rather use Windows than Linux. Simply a comfort issue.

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