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Y50-70 GPU Code 43 - how to check for faulty GPU

2018-05-30, 0:33 AM

Hello all who came here with intention to help! Thanks in advance!

As this is complex and long story I will try to be short as possible telling you all you should know.


After Windows 1803 update I noticed my GPU is no longer working, leaving with Code 43 in Device manager. Later research showed that the cause might be BSOD with TDR_VIDEO_FAILURE error where file called "nvlddmkm.sys" is missing in my System32/drivers folder. How do I know? Well, I was watching some Twitch stream in the morning when BSOD happend. I thought its just some happy little accident. But thats probably when my GPU stopped working because when I got home same thing happend again AND FINALLY next morning when i fired up my laptop, my GPU was recognized, nVidia Control Panel was there, working, but then after few minutes my laptop just frozed, showed BSOD with same error I stated above and Error Code 43 again.


So lets get to things Ive already tried.

  • Reinstalling Win10, clean install of Win8.1 and 10
  • Using DDU to delete and install nVidia drivers again.
  • Updating, reinstalling Intel HD Graphics drivers.
  • BIOS alredy update to latest possible version. I believe 3.03?
  • Using previous versions of Win, previous versions of drivers (interesting stuff happend, see below)
  • And every possible solution I found on web.

I thought my GPU is just dead, just like that, I never had problem with it, I was gaming at 60 degrees, not stressing it out or nothing. It just came from nowhere. But when Im using DDU in safe mode, my nVidia GTX 960M is stated as detected, would it be detected in case it would be dead completely? When Im using drivers from Lenovo Download site (which are from 2016 so, why so old Lenovo?) GPU is recognized and possibly working but the drivers are so old Im getting BSOD right away. After updating to newest drivers, BSOD is away but GPU is back at code 43. 


My questions are:

  • Is there a way to finally tell if GPU is dead or not? Can i check it somehow by removing back cover and check voltage, or ... something!
  • Could be the missing "nvlddmkm.sys" file a problem? Maybe SSD problem? (Thats what I found after briefly investigating this .sys file missing problem) - I did some HDTune testing Im not having bad sectors or something on my SSD.
  • Also when restarting my laptop after Lenovo logo shows up the screen is going black and it takes like 30 - 40 second for SSD to work again (according to little white light) and start my Windows, after that everything is going fine.
  • What drivers should I use anyway? Lenovo wont let me update Intel HD Graphics drivers but they are so old Ive had to update them manually to the latest version.
  • nVidia drivers from Lenovo web are also so old there is no way to ge them working. Why they dont care anymore about it? 

What could possibly be wrong that my perfectly working GPU just decided one morning it dont want to work anymore? 

Please, as I told you what Ive tried, dont type me basic stuff I can find over the internet like reinstalling drivers and stuff. I dont want to be rude but Ive already tried that many times. Only if you have some other method, not usual maybe.


If you want any further info, im ready to provide. Thanks to anyone for taking care of my problem and trying to solve this with me! I appreciate it!


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Re: Y50-70 GPU Code 43 - how to check for faulty GPU

2018-09-17, 1:26 AM

i had exactly the same problem of my lenovo y50-70 maybe its a sign that the video card is dying? due to overheating. ?  


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Re: Y50-70 GPU Code 43 - how to check for faulty GPU

2018-09-18, 16:42 PM
Windows 10 Updates are the bane of the IT community right now... They break things more often than fix them...

Have you tried running a version of Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, OpenSUSE) to see if the card works without issue there? If not - grab a free DVD from one of the many Linux magazines, boot from it (don't install, just use Live demo) and see if the card works as expected.

If the card works within Linux just fine, the issue is tied directly to the Windows OS and most likely the missing file you mentioned.

Windows 10 is buggy, cranky about drivers and even will delete system files that it does not agree with, even if it is the latest drivers from the manufacture.


I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.
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