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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-11, 23:22 PM

I saw them deleting my messages and I left for over a year or more.


Absurd conduct on their part. I got at new G70 so i came back for info on it and eventual upgrading to Window 10 but they have NOT the files up to date on a solid  solution. I would have like to get an ISO file with everything to patch the MS file with to make it like a Turnkey build but nothing has been released that I have seen so I am biding my timel.

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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-20, 17:49 PM

Hi all, 


i am new in this topic, sorry for my bad english, i hope you dont delete my message, dont know is it any solution, but i share my observation. (read from end if you are lazy :) )


I am using Y50 - i7 4710HQ 4(8) cores 2,5 gh, gtx 860m 2gb ddr 5, 8gb ddr3 ram, and hybrid ssd hard drive. (standard Y50) 


When i was using Windows 7 x64 Home Premium (driver installed form lenovo support like 6 months ago), and play League of Legends on higest details i didin't get any freezes.


Recently i tried reinstall W7 and could'nt install proper drivers from lenovo suport on my laptop, everytime i tried use nvidia card (and unplug charger) i get serious freeze, can't do anything, only hard reset worked, and i could just use intel HD graphics. I triend 8 times, from 4 different iso files, everytime fail.


So i install W8.1 x64 and my big freeze stopes, i could install almost all drivers, just couldn't install energy management.


But now i get those freezes when i play LoL on high details, once every 2-5 minutes, my screene frezes for 2-3 seconds. 


So, if somone can check my observation, if W7 (HP,Pro,Ultimate) is missing those freezes ? And then investigate why on W8.1 freezes appears ?


If you let know please let me know *************** :)



Mod's Edit: Email address removed to protect owner from its unwanted use.


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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-28, 0:15 AM

The Lenovo investigation into customer reports of freezing, lag, and poor hard drive performance on Y50-70 and Y50-70 Touch laptops equipped with a 1TB Western Digital SSHD drive has concluded.


The root cause was determined to be a problem with the SATA Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) driver.


The Service TIP regarding this issue can be found here: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/SF15-I0027


The latest SATA IRST drivers for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems can be located under "Storage" and downloaded from here: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-y-series-laptops/y50-70-notebook-lenovo


If this solution does not resolve the performance issue, please read this second post that addresses a second issue identified with the NVIDIA Discrete CPU:



Thank you,

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This helped me too


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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-28, 5:00 AM

The version of this solution for Windows 8.1 64 bit tells me that it can not be installed because it needs .NET 4.5

(which is already exists). Does anyone experience the same ? In adition this update does not appear in a list of Lenovo updates. Is it OK too ?


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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-28, 6:21 AM

well, to be honest im not sure you are right with your investigation...

ihad the exact issue with sshd wd10s21x freezing and becomes slow and unresponsive most of the time, i tried every intel rst version, i even tried registry hacks and nothing worked. i eventually gave up with it and sent my laptop to rma.

i got my laptop back with hardisk replaced and guess what, it was new but same wd10s21x but this time everything works great and its fast as it should be. so i ofcourse spoke to the thechnition who tested my old harddisk and he agreed that it had bad sectors and its corrupted. btw my laptop is like 4 months old and since i got it new i had that issue. so what i think is that hardisk production line was the cause for faulty hardware in hardisk. so what i suggest to you is to send you laptop to rma if you still on warranty, and if not, pay some money for new hardisk or else you will get this issue for ever. again as i suggest its hardware failure not some drivers issues. hope i helped.


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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-28, 8:23 AM

This can't be true as I re-installed/installed all the drivers, both from the intel website and lenovo's website.


I fixed this problem by getting a SSD(samsung evo 850). My lenovo has only two issues left(white line on the UHD screen, trackpad) in total but I can't take it for a replacement under warranty as they told me it may take up to two weeks. At this moment, I am very busy and I really need my laptop. However, I called them to ask them if they can test my WD Black and replace it, without having my laptop. They said this is not possible, which is something that I cannot understand. Probably I shouldn't expect for a high quality service if lenovo is selling faulty products. Lenovo = bad products & support. To be honest, I just can't wait to buy a new laptop and throw this away. Will never buy a lenovo again.


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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-29, 3:11 AM



It was fine for about a day until I restarted my computer and the micro freezes and hard drive spinning up sound returned....I knew I shouldn't have been too excited....


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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-30, 12:01 PM

I've tried installing the IRST software as suggested as well as the latest BIOS update but it has made no difference on my machine unfortunately. The problems with this drive seem to be more fundamental, I expect an updated driver from WD/Lenovo for the SSHD itself is needed.


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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-10-31, 20:44 PM

I set a fixed version (IRST) driver.Well..my hard drive is working with less noise.Micro freeze stayed in my games.

Y700-15ISK i7-6700HQ RAM 16GB GTX 960M 4GB LITEON CV1-8B512
Display: 15.6" UHD LED Windows 10 x64

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Re: Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

2015-11-04, 17:24 PM

guys my laptop continue to have micro freeze when i click on notify button or the start button.How i can solve this problem?

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