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north carolina

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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-04-16, 19:11 PM
No mine is not running on 1 gpu it's trying to run both at 135 MHz. I disable sli and then 1 card runs at 135mhz. Take the add on card out and what do you know. 135 MHz. I have had asus g series laptops run the nvidia GPU on battery and I know others do to. I'm aware it's a gaming laptop and every gaming laptop will throttle you back some. This throttles to idle speed. I have the 2.0.2 bios and it doesn't solve the problem. I have owned 2 g series from asus and never had this issue and they didn't use Optimus either.

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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-04-16, 20:29 PM
I'll play around with mine later today and see what happens. I've honestly never attempted gaming on battery with any of my machines.

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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-04-17, 12:20 PM

I agree with you but you know when you play online games and you have a power failure, you can't continue to play and team will lost player. Well there is no point to use a ups for a laptop.


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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-04-18, 15:25 PM

Hi, I'm having the same problem here. Wish Lenovo will provide a solution to this, soon! C'mon, help us out here! This is suppose to be a gaming laptop!


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Greendale WI

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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-04-23, 1:03 AM

I'm just another lost guy with the same issue as everyone else. I hope this gets fixed soon.


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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-05-01, 12:54 PM

Dear Lenovo Support,


The last official update on the status of this issue was on 20/02/2013. Its now been another 2.5 months without any further feedback or update. In addition to that its now been almost 4 months since this issue was originally reported with no official acknowledgement of the issue.


Please can I kindly request some sort of update on how this issue is progressing.


I'm very disappointed we really should need to keep badgering you about this issue.

Lenovo needs to provide some sort of communication of what progress you have made.


Is this fault still present on the GT750m version you have recently started shipping?









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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-05-12, 20:04 PM

jetto: Yep, the battery power issue still persists on the 750M model. I ran a game and was appalled to see only 30 fps. I plugged in the charger and it went to over 200, and I thought, "huh, that's more like it." That's when it occurred to me to google the issue and I came upon this thread. :O


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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-05-13, 15:21 PM

Yea I installed Diablo 3 and forgot that I had unplugged my charger. Went to run it and was very disappointed that it wouldn't run on ultra. Plugged it back in, game runs flawlessly at ultra.


I don't get why people are complaining. Why would you want to run for 30 mins on battery anyway? The only use I can see for that is if you are on an airplane and want to play a single player game. Otherwise you will most likely have a power outlet within 10 feet you can just go plug it in.


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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-05-16, 12:53 PM

i have the same problems...where's  the solution problem???


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Re: Y500 Lagging on battery

2013-05-19, 19:38 PM

I have made some progress in understanding the nature of the problem. I installed MSI Afterburner and used it to monitor the core clock and the memory clock of each GPU. Please see the attached screenshot.


Link to picture


It seems that the GPUs automatically underclock themselves as soon as the laptop goes on battery. I also noticed that the temperatures of the GPUs drops significantly. All of this is undoubtedly as a result of the laptop trying to conserve power when on battery. While we are waiting for an official answer from Lenovo's technicians, I did some more checks through google on this issue and found this: http://rog.asus.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-23799.html?s=847f566a903280f987827bd867d92d89

There is a solution provided although I haven't checked it because I don't believe it is safe enough.


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