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Re: Y510 Hinge out of warranty :( !!!!

2009-06-16, 21:46 PM

I have a 16 month old Y510 that has exactly the same problem everyone here has described.  Because I'm past the 1 year mark, based on what I'm reading here, I assume that means I'm on my own for repairs with no support from Lenovo?  It doesn't sound like it, but is there any recourse directly through Lenovo?


Given that I'm likely on my own with addressing this, what is a reasonable repair cost?  


I'm distressed to see that this seems to be such a trend among owners of these laptops and would love to know the best way to proceed if anyone has suggestions.




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Re: Y510 hinge broken

2009-06-17, 19:46 PM



I'm still working through my backlog of private messages... if you have already sent me all your information (name, present address, and phone, and the serial on the bottom of your system), I will respond and try to help. 


If you have not sent this via a private message, please do.




I've got your info via PM and have responded via PM with more details.


Thanks for sharing,




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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

2009-06-18, 22:25 PM

Wow, it's a shame that this post is so long and that nothing has been done about a recall.  My hinge just broke last night and I think I'm probably at 13-14 months of ownership.  The most travel I do with my laptop is between rooms in my house.  It is my main computer in my house and will be a huge pain to lose it to service.  It would have been really nice to have a recall to pre-emptively fix this defect so that I could have planned ahead of time when to send it in.  I'm amazed that this thread is so long and that nothing has been done.  Here's hoping that my call with customer service goes better than I expect it to!




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Y510 Hinges replaced by the same defective hinges-Only lasted 4 months???

2009-06-20, 0:39 AM

Howdy All,


I sent my Daughters Y510 in for hinge replacement at the end of January 2009 and I had to call back about ten days later when no box arrived to ship it to the repair Depot. The second call did it and a box arrived the next day, awesome they had to take it over a hundred miles from my home during a Blizzard and it was back in five days with not only new hinges but an entire new LCD screen to boot.


Of note, it came back without the covers for the screws that hold on the LCD screen and after many phone calls and promises they apparently do not have a part number for those little guys, so I guess I can live without them.


However since they were replaced at the beginning of February they are creaking once again and it is a small amount of time before they will break again, so I imagine the hinges were replaced with the same hinges before they made the new batch that don't break....So here in lies the problem, the warranty ran out on the 15th of February and when I went to pull up the warranty info.... there isn't any!


If I call the service number will they replace the hinges again even though technically I am out of warranty, (I say this because I bought it on my Gold Visa card which gives me an extended warranty for another year on products I buy with this card) I have all the info from the repair that was done in Feb.. Any idea's where I can go from here, and be nice while you are pondering this question?



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Re: Y510 Hinges replaced by the same defective hinges-Only lasted 4 months???

2009-06-23, 20:26 PM



I appreciate your incredulity...


This thread is actually the compilation of multiple smaller threads that have been in the forum for some time.  We combined it this past week to improve our ability to follow these symptoms and provide guidance as needed.


Please contact service and see if they will resolve this for you.  If you have trouble, please send me a private message - I'll need name, address, phone and the serial number on the bottom of the unit.


Generally, product recalls are reserved for issues which pose a safety risk. 




Received your PM and have replied.  Thanks for sharing.


Best regards,




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Re: Y510 Hinges replaced by the same defective hinges-Only lasted 4 months???

2009-06-24, 3:05 AM

Wow I cant believe I read all that..Haha. I am here to say that I too am a victim of the dreaded broken hinge, although mine isnt as bad as the photos in the first post. I am exactly one month and 1 week out of warranty. Before searching google and reading through this suuupperr long thread I gave lenovo a call and the guy I spoke to said there wasnt any managers around to see if I can get it repaired out of warranty, so he emailed one and said that it would cost me 199-250 to get it fixed since im out of warranty. I didnt want to argue with the guy since he was a nice guy to begin with so I looked on the internet to see if anyone had a similar problem...So now im here...Hopefully I can get this issue resolved. I havent been using my lenovo because I dont want to make it any worse. 




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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

2009-06-25, 10:55 AM

Hello everyone.

I've got the same hinge problem. It's really annoying, because it happened yesterday in the evening during normal opening. Unfortunately my warrranty expired yesterday :/

I bought it in US, but i currently live in Poland. Is there any chance to have it done as still on warranty???????




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Re: Y510 Hinges replaced by the same defective hinges-Only lasted 4 months???

2009-06-26, 5:32 AM

I know product recalls are reserved for issues which pose a safety risk, but it seems pretty clear that there's either a design flaw or an engineering flaw in the hinges of the Y510. Lenono not offering a free warranty extension for the hinges is pretty pathetic.


Here's an example of how to handle such a situation correctly. A few years ago BMW's M3 (the hot rod version of the 3 series automobile) had the S54 engine. Soon, reports started flooding the forums of blown S54 engines, and the onboard computers were't recording abuse on the part of owners, and these were engines that were getting free service for the first 4 years of their life from dealers, so bad maintenance could be ruled out. The standard warranty on the car and engine was 4 years / 60,000 miles, and most of these engines were spinning their bearings at around 80,000 miles.


BMW eventually determined that there was a manufacturing defect in the main bearings of most of these engines, but not all S54 engines were affected.


The end results was that BMW sent a letter to every M3 owner with an S54 engine which stated that their engines, and only their engines, had their warranty extended to 6 years / 100,000 miles. The idea was that any engines with the OK bearings were still going to be OK after 100,000 miles, but the affected engines would eventually fail before 100,000 miles and be covered by the new warranty.


Lenovo clearly needs to do something similar with the Y510's hinges.


I was very very lucky - my right hinge failed EXACTLY 1 YEAR from purchase, and I had it covered under warranty and repaired. However, I believe that this is a design flaw and it is likely to fail again, so I wound up purchasing an extended warranty for 2 more years from Lenovo for $150 just to cover my bases here. I've never bought an extended warranty on any electronic do-dad in my life, but I felt compelled to do so here. That's just a shame.


Step up to the plate and do what's right, Lenovo. We shouldn't need to bother Mark and get special help to fix an obviously flawed component after a year passes.



Warren Ernst

Reviewer, CPU Magazine


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Re: Y510 Hinges replaced by the same defective hinges-Only lasted 4 months???

2009-06-26, 18:59 PM
I, too, have the same right hinge problem. I purchased the laptop only 15 months ago so it is out of warranty.   I've just hung up the phone with Lenovo tech help and they are telling me that it will cost $49.00 to send an empty box for me to return my laptop and they cannot tell me ahead of time how much it will cost to fix.  I will be out the $49.00 regardless of whether I chose to repair after they call me with an estimate.  I am an underpaid state employee who will not be getting a raise this year and my self employed husband has not had a paying job in three months.  I am reticent to send in electronics for repair when I don't know how much to expect for a bill especially when it seems to be a design flaw that should be covered by the manufacturer in the first place.  Because of my current economic situation, replacing the laptop is not an option and this is the computer that I had counted on having for a long time to come.  Sorry to be whining, but I'm not really happy right now and just needed to vent.  I hope Lenovo steps up to the plate for us.

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

2009-06-29, 4:50 AM

To drcyrus3d and anyone else interested in the resolution to my lengthy post (message 45):


After sending my laptop back twice to no avail and posting a lengthy complaint here, Mark at Lenovo put me in touch with a customer service esclation specialist who normaiy works with the business-product line. In short order, the specialist recommended outright replacement of the Y510. He went about gathering the information needed to order a new system and in a dat or two called to let me know the replacement would be a Y530 (an upgrade) as he could no longer order a Y510. It took a little over a month for the Y530 to reach me, after which I was given a month to return the Y510.


My summary:

If you can get Lenovo to offer you a similar exception to their support process and can wait over month once that process starts, then this might be a useful avenue to explore.

If you cannot wait, or Lenovo is unwilling to give you the same assistance (possibly because the support is different outside my country), then you may be short on options that bring about a successful resolution.


PS: My thanks to Mark for steering me in a direction that finally resolved the issues.

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