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Y510 Internals

2008-05-28, 6:20 AM

I recently purchased a Y510 (59013478) from Tigerdirect for US$425.99.  The apparent revision of my laptop is Y510-7.  I am currently in the process of downgrading to XP SP3, which is going smoothly thanks to help from this forum.

Because of the low cost, I saw fit to upgrade the CPU to an Intel Core2 Duo T8300 (purchased from Newegg for US$244.00).  I will also be adding 4GB of PC2 5400 OCZ RAM and a Cirago BTA-3210 Bluetooth micro-dongle (purchased from Newegg for US$53.99 and US$19.99, respectively).

I should receive the processor by Friday and before the weekend is over will likely have disassembled the laptop completely.  I have succeeded with this endeavor with two different laptops, so I consider myself to have an adequate level of experience.  I was wondering if it would be of help to anyone to have step-by-step pictures of the process or pictures of specific internal parts.  I likely will not write a guide to replace the processor unless demand is unusually high, but I would be happy to provide the pictures necessary.  If I can be of any help, please let me know.

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Re: Y510 Internals

2008-05-28, 10:41 AM
I doubt this information for now is wide-spread available by corporate politics, though I'm sure it will be available soon, since Lenovo has its own thinkwiki.org and lenovoservicetraining.com sites which contain such information on another Lenovo products.
For now only can assume - disassembling of Y510 is way not harder than any other notebook. Inside are only three things require special attention - 1)Two-side scotch stripe is everywhere, be carefull not to harm if you haven't such at home. 2)Much screws of different length - better for you to write down which is from which hole. 3)In models with not-built-in videocard there's a single heatsink for CPU and video - be carefull.
Sure two notebooks disassembling is an enough experience to make this. (If both work after that :robotwink:)
Good luck :robothappy:

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//help will save the world

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Re: Y510 Internals

2008-05-28, 20:26 PM
You don't have to remove much of anything to swap the memory and cpu.  Just one panel (I think 5 screws).  To get the heat sink out of the way you do have to remove the 2nd screw from the fan assy.  But then lift the fan assy pretty much straight up, tilting it a little bit to not put it in a bind.  Then the heat sink assy can be easily maneuvered out of the way.
I also purchased the 3210 bluetooth module, but later moved it to my desktop as I settled on a Logitech VX Nano mouse that came with its own tiny USB receiver.
I'll be interested to hear how your upgrade goes.  I dropped a T9300 (also from NewEgg) in my Y510 a month or so ago and it went well.  Good luck with yours. 

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Re: Y510 Internals

2008-05-29, 15:37 PM
The memory upgrade is the only problem here. Windows XP Pro is a 32-bit OS, and will only be able to use up to 3GB of memory. Not sure if using the 64-bit version will make a difference, but just something to look out for!

Otherwise, all of your upgrades sound very useful... best of luck!

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Re: Y510 Internals

2008-05-29, 22:58 PM
Sure, photograph and post everything here. I'm sure more of us will be doing a swap in the future...

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