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Re: Y510P-Leno​vo Cheating Customers by Using a Cheaper CPU Than Advertised​.

2013-06-25, 23:05 PM



It was a typo and it only affected the 59370006 model of the Y510p.  If people ordered other models, then yes I would expect that they got the 4700 CPU. 


The assertion that we started building with 4700 and switched to 4702 because we "ran out of parts" or "had thermal issues" is not correct based on all the information that we have.   I've provided an answer as to what happened earlier in this thread.


Until an example system, with a chasis labeled as 59370006 and being proven upon physical examination to contain a 4700 cpu is shown, then it is just speculation and I think that continuing that line of the discussion is creating confusion.


Since there are models available for sale with the 4700, that somewhat debunks the notion that there were problems with heat, wouldn't you agree?


I think this was an unfortunate case of human error in what got published to the web.   If you wish to return the system, I can appreciate that, but I would also hope that you would consider keeping it, and suggest that you call sales if you are unhappy about the situation - perhaps our sales team may be able to work with you on your concerns.








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Re: Y510P-Leno​vo Cheating Customers by Using a Cheaper CPU Than Advertised​.

2013-07-04, 22:07 PM
Since there are models available with the 4700 doesn't debunks the fact that have thermal issues, so no, i don't agree! I'm the owner of an Y510P that has the 4700 and i can say that the CPU overheats in just some seconds when running prime 95 and reach 90 degrees+ so it cancel the turbo boost and runs only at 2.4Ghz. If u consider prime 95 to harsh for it then i can say that even while playing Borderlands 2 the CPU heats at 90 degrees in just about 20-30 minutes and the GPU from ultrabay hit easy 96-98 degrees, so yeah, all i can say is: GREAT COOLING! Lenovo proud itself that all products are tested and stuff, like their dual bladed fans etc..tested in what? Solitaire or minesweeper? This is a laptop made for gaming but that can't be used for it's purpose..take a look to Clevo/Sager, Asus or other brands that make gaming laptops and see what temps they have with even more powerful components..all that it is about this laptop is that it looks nice, but that's all!

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Re: Y510P-Leno​vo Cheating Customers by Using a Cheaper CPU Than Advertised​.

2013-07-28, 13:42 PM
The people that got Lenovo Y510p 59-382092 should do with their overheating problems ?? I played GW2 for 1 hour with all settings on medium and the cpu temperature reached 90+ celcius and the graphic card 70+ celcius .... what should we do ? Can we return it ? Does exist any workaround that does not include not playing games ? I really like the quality build ..... but i am a little concerned ...... PLS FIX IT UP ......

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Re: Y510P-Leno​vo Cheating Customers by Using a Cheaper CPU Than Advertised​.

2013-07-28, 16:36 PM

On my previous posts I said that even though you lose
a bit of processing power (4702 MQ is equal or a tiny bit slower than the
i7-3630 QM), it has 10 watts of heat less than the 4700MQ at full load. That is
a lot heat difference at load and sure enough, the 4700MQ will run on heat
issues when gaming. One thing you can do is to disable Turbo boost my setting
the minimum processor state to 5% and maximum processor state to 99%. That
would force the 4700MQ to run at 2.4 GHz when gaming and saving you 15 watts
of heat output at least. Temps should drop to lower or mid 80s depending
on ambient temperature.

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Re: Y510P-Lenovo Cheating Customers by Using a Slower CPU Than Advertised.

2013-08-03, 20:48 PM



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Re: Y510P-Lenovo Cheating Customers by Using a Slower CPU Than Advertised.

2013-08-14, 2:18 AM

I saw this when I was buying my computer, while it looks like they are cheating you... theyre actually hurting themselves... 


The 4700-MQ is obviously faster, but in my case, the 4700MQ + 8GB RAM model was $200 cheaper than the 4702MQ + 16GB model. Also everyone knows its a billion times easier to change a computers RAM than CPU, its practically impossible on a Laptop. 8GB of RAM is still a good amount and rarely will you hit that these days. HOWEVER if you look at a site like Crucial.com, they sell a compatible 16GB RAM kit for $130, if you buy yourself the 4700MQ + 8GB + SLI model then buy the ram seperately, you save 70$


I used that 70$ to buy a sweet case for this bad boy. Anyone know if we can get a smaller power adapter than this 170W beast? I have 40$ left to spend...

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Re: Y510P-Lenovo Cheating Customers by Using a Slower CPU Than Advertised.

2013-08-17, 17:13 PM

Hi, I understand how you feel I just bought a new y510p as well. It hasn't even been a week and I've already had so many probems. First, during the shipping process they kept changing the dates when it would arrive and then they changed the order status to delivered and I hadn't even gotten anything. I've heard a ton of complaints and problems others have had with their lenovo laptops and I am really regretting buying this laptop. Now, It hasn't even been a week since I got this "gaming" laptop but it's already lagging when I play games and even worse when the battery is unpugged. Meaning I can't use the laptop to game while in a car during a long drive or something. How do I look up the parts list using the serial number? I want to make sure I also got what I ordered.


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Y510P-Lenovo Cheating Customers by adding GT 750M GPU on systems Ordered With GT755M GPUs

2014-04-14, 18:24 PM



I have ordered a 59405667 Y510P laptop with GT 755M GPU installed but the system i have got is GT750M GPU installed in it.

I am from Pakistan, i ordered this system directly from USA. Along with laptop price i bear the international custom charges, international shipment charges. Overall, i have bear charges double the price of this laptop and what i have got is that i have been trapped. Its a like a FRAUD. Now, i cannot even able to avail any customer service. No one is attending my call. What to do now???

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