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Y510p SLI CS:GO Freeze/nvlddmkm Crash

2016-04-27, 16:34 PM

How many of you have been unable to get the maximum performance of your system? Experienced nvidia driver crashes when playing on SLI?


A lot have tried:


  • Different/older drivers
  • Modded BIOS and vBIOS
  • Undervolting CPU and/or GPU
  • Physical cooling mods
  • Underclocking the Core clocks of the GPU
  • Setting the TDR delay limit to a higher value
  • Different Nvidia Control Panel settings
  • Different OS's

I think I finally have the solution for you.

  1. Download Nvidia Inspector - I use version even though there are newer ones (it's the only one that lets me force P-states)

  2. Open up Overclocking and choose your second GPU

  3. Set the Memory Clock offset so that your effective Memory Clock equals your RAM clock. i.e My RAM runs at1600MHz and my default GPU memory clock is 2700MHz, so i put the offset at -1100MHz.

  4. Apply Clocks and Voltage

The app would need to be started every time you want to play though, so please be careful of that. You can make a shortcut of the clocks using the program and then just start the program and execute the Clocks shortcut before playing.


I had been struggling with playing CS:GO on SLI for 1.5-2 years maybe. I had resorted to playing with SLI off, but always knew I could get more FPS if I just managed to get SLI to work. And now it does. Enjoy your 300 FPS, guys.


My hardware:


Lenovo y510p Laptop

Matte LCD screen (overclocked to 80Hz, if you're an owner of the glossy screen, you can OC to 100Hz)


2xGT755m (I don't know if this will work for the gt750 guys, but doesn't hurt to try)


Software configuration:


Win 8.1 64-bit

Nvidia 364.72 driver (without GeForce Experience and PhysX)

Nvidia Control Panel settings are default

ThrottleStop 7.00 (A handy little program that disables CPU throttling when gaming, it has no part in the fix though, you can use it to get maximum performance out of your system, recommended to laptop users)

Solved! See the solution

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Re: Y510p SLI CS:GO Freeze/nvlddmkm Crash

2016-09-09, 15:23 PM

Hello all!

I have lenovo y510p dual-card 750m. I almost broke the laptop from the fact that almost all the games were broken during the game. But then I found this video made ​​in Russiahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVaQujCgUaI

It really solved all the problems with the games))

After 4 years after buying this laptop, I enjoy his power. It is a pity that the producers did not occur until this immediately .

Enjoy! It is realy working for me

P.S. Video with English manual

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This helped me too


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Re: Y510p SLI CS:GO Freeze/nvlddmkm Crash

2017-05-03, 13:07 PM

You are amazing. 

You are rare. 

You are savior of the universe. 

Thank you. 

I tried all of other solution. Only one of em work: -265 mhz core and memory underclock. Both gpu. But with this i get -20 fps. 

And you came and save my life. After 3 years finally i have full power of my y510p. 

God save you:)


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Re: Y510p SLI CS:GO Freeze/nvlddmkm Crash

2017-12-19, 14:21 PM

This is it!! Finally a solution that works! (First one listed here, posted by MeightSquaids.) I was experiencing game crashes while running in SLI. I had tried so many other non-solutions.


In my case I had to create a -900mhz memory clock offset for both of my GT750m GPUs to match my (1600) RAM speed but I finally, finally have the performance and stability that I had always expected out of this machine. 


Also - was abe to create a Nvidia Inspector startup clock shortcut so I the changes are always in effect.


Thank You!


Lenovo Y510P laptop

2 x GT 750M gpu

2.40 gigahertz Intel Core i7-4700MQ


Windows 10 (64)

Nvidia drivers (latest)


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