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Re: Y560 Scam - Did Not Come With RapidDrive!

2010-06-03, 20:26 PM



He did, and I've been trying to work through sales to arrange for some help on his concerns about RapidDrive, but sales was not able to connect with him at the appointed time, and as these most recent comments reflect a broader set of concerns I'll arrange some different kind of help.




It's possible that the wrong recovery DVD was sent to you.  However, I believe you can use the OKR feature to recover the unit back to factory ship conditions based on the hidden system partition on the drive, and this would recover to the right OS version and all Lenovo software that is part of the preload.  You are welcome to uninstall software that you don't want.  We don't presently offer a completely "vanilla" version of the OS plus drivers with no applications or other software - customers who what that, typically have to install a clean copy of the OS and then download and add back the drivers and selected applications from our website.  


Best regards, 




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Re: Y560 Scam - Did Not Come With RapidDrive!

2010-07-15, 23:13 PM

To Kaio:


You are making assumptions and jumping to conclusions again.


In particular, you asserted that whether a model had RapidDrive would be apparent by viewing that model on Lenovo's site.  "The hardware [it needs]," you said, "would be listed."  When I read this, I wondered how you could be so sure -- because Lenovo hadn't yet released a model with RapidDrive, it was impossible to tell how its site would indicate that this feature is included. 


Now it's clear that you were guessing, and that you were wrong.  For example, the Y560D seems to come with RapidDrive.  This, however, is indicated only by the "EE+" next to it on Lenovo's Y Series page; nothing on the Y560D page suggests that it has the "pci-e ssd" hardware necessary for RapidDrive.  If you'll recall, this "EE+" next to the model is the same thing that Jeremy and I (and probably others) relied on before Lenovo changed that page.


Also, just to be clear, the "specs" are not "there when you look at the models."  When you view a model, you see a general overview of the hardware and features that it comes with.  The "specs," on the other hand, is a more thorough list of information about the model -- including details about its hardware, its physical dimensions and weight, etc.  You can find the "specs" for the here, but Lenovo's site still does not provide "specs" for the Y460 or the Y560.  Also, while you can google for the specs now and find them on third party sites, you couldn't have when I (and many others) were shopping.


Finally, it's unrealistic to have expected early adopters to have read reviews before they purchased.  For instance, the Y460 became available in March, but the first magazine or tech blog review did not appear until Mid-May.  Sure, there were murmerings in forums before then, but I would hardly consider that a reliable source.  I agree that people should research before buying, but -- and this is the important thing -- there just wasn't that much information available when some users were "scammed" into thinking that available models had RapidDrive, and much of the information that was available was misleading.


Sorry for the delayed response, but I'd been waiting to see how things would work out. 


And to Jeremy:  was your situation ever resolved?  I PM'ed my information to Mark a while ago at his request, but haven't heard from him since.


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Re: Y560 Scam - Did Not Come With RapidDrive!

2010-07-16, 0:52 AM

they're shipping some models now. I have one, it was listed as 06242QU on buy.com.


unfortuantely there is zero documentation on how it works esp how you would treat a repartition, rebuild, can you defrag normally, etc. etc. C'mon lenovo step up your game!!!! goodwill from years of thinkpad use (before IBM sold it off) only lasts so far lol



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