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Y560 Touchpad Problem

2011-04-04, 23:32 PM

I'm having a rather intermittent problem with the touchpad on my Lenovo Y560.


Basically, ever since I got this notebook the multi-touch functions on the touchpad (2 finger scroll, pinch zoom, etc) simply wouldn't work. I ended up disabling them and just sticking the the basic functionality. However, lately even that functionality has been sporadic at best.


I can be using the touchpad and it'll basically stop responding. Looking at the animation in the Synaptics software, one of two situations is happening... Either it's just plain not recognizing that I've placed a finger on the touch pad at all, or it recognizes my finger but loses track of it and counts it as a tap rather than an attempt to move the cursor. It doesn't seem to matter how hard or lightly I press... When it decides to act up, it acts up consistently no matter what I do.


I've updated the drivers from Lenovo's website. I've tried drivers directly from Synaptics. I've tweaked all the settings trying to find ANYTHING that worked. I've tried removing the Synaptics drivers completely. I've installed from the restore discs. I've tried from a clean Windows 7 disc. I've run live versions of Linux on my computer... No matter what I do, the problem remains.


Calling tech support, I got confirmation that it seems to be a hardware issue. The tech support rep was all set to open up an RMA for me, but I asked if I could get the part shipped to me instead. I realize it's an odd request, but I've had VERY bad luck with the Lenovo repair depot. Long story short, I sent my previous laptop in for a bad processor and after two repair attempts the processor was not replaced and the laptop was sent back in a condition that was basically unusable (the CPU fan would no longer spin). I finally got it replaced by the complaint department.


I'd really rather just get the part and replace it myself. I work at a local computer repair shop -- installation will not be a problem. I've requested the same thing from other manufacturers and have had no issues getting the parts shipped to me.


I was being transferred to a manager to plead my case, when I was disconnected. Figures. Almost an hour on the phone and minutes away from my answer, I get dropped. Any chance there's a Lenovo employee reading these forums that can help me out and save me from having to make another hour long phone call?


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Re: Y560 Touchpad Problem

2011-04-05, 7:02 AM
Mate I can believe your story. THey broke my mobo whilst doing a keyboard repair, 5 weeks later still not fixed, I had to yell and yell and yell to get a replacement. Hasn't come in yet so fingers crossed.
Good luck to you
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