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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-04, 7:48 AM


2 weeks. Please notice, that I'm from Europe and according to Service Conditions it may take here max 15 working days.


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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-09, 17:59 PM

Did you lost any data from lenovo HDD after Service???


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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-13, 18:53 PM

Is this related to this issue? Anyone?



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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-13, 19:07 PM

for the secound time i have replaced my Y50-70 the previous 2 had issues with flickering and brightness issue 

but this thord time i will not get the same model i will replace it with dell or maybe HP
don't try any solution its a manufacturing issue 
if u are in the replacement period go replace it 
there is no solution without replacing the original pieces
my advice don't buy this model


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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-13, 20:05 PM

I second the motion that you should NOT buy this model. I've had my Y50-70 for 2 months now and the flickering/glitching/locking up is only getting worse. Installing Win10 didn't solve anything, nor did any of the suggestions mentioned in this thread.


I can't use it for more than a few minutes before I have to restart it to temporarily alleviate the problem. I can't send it in for repairs as I can't be without a computer for that long. I can see that this thread/problem is almost a year old so I doubt that Lenovo has a fix for the problem anyways.


Thanks Lenovo!


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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-13, 21:20 PM

I have the same issue but only after windows 10 update.

I think its driver issue. Pls Lenovo tell us whats going on.


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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-13, 23:04 PM

just updated Nvidia Geforce driver. nothing changed. still have those blinkings. :(

Lenovo Y50-70. i7 4720HQ. GTX 960
8GB DDR3. 15.6' IPS.

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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-14, 15:13 PM

hey all think iv got a FIX for it :) hope it works for you all too,, i got my y70 lapotop today, i dint see any flickeing until i installed adobe lightroom so then i did some tests etc and below are my results


My screen flikering was only caused with one app - Adobe lightroom while editing pictures,


There was no flikering at all in any other way but when using Lightroom .. so what i did was...


Desktop - Right click on the app icon (mine was Adobe Lightroom) then go to compatibility and tick "Disable display scaling on high DPI setting" click ok and run program -  no more flickring issue .




I have tested this and using my laptop on charge 3hrs plus and iv not noticed even one flicker since then when using this software.. so no more flickring for my Y70.. :smileyhappy:





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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-14, 16:11 PM

I'm glad you found a solution for your flickering problem :smileyhappy:, but I guess for most of the people in this thread this solution won't help, because the flickering is not caused by a specific app, like in your case. I haven't even installed Adobe lightroom and my y50 will flicker all the time: on the login-screen, on the desktop, when surfing in the Internet, when using Word… Only exception is when the laptop uses the Nvidia card instead of the integrated Intel one, like when I'm connecting a second monitor via HDMI or playing games, then the flickering is gone until I close the game or disconnect the second monitor. For this flicker problem I haven't found a solution, I tried everything I could think of (drivers, windows 10, clean windows installation, playing with the power settings, updating the BIOS), nothing helped so far. But the worst is that my laptop after a complete discharge now refuses to boot, only reaction I get is a short blinking of the battery-status LED when I press the power button :smileysad:.

So I send mine in for repair yesterday, let's hope they get it fixed.


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Re: Y70 screen (flashing - blinking)

2015-08-15, 8:55 AM
Hello everyone.
I had the same problem. Here is my separate topic : https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Blinking-picture-white-stripes-model-Y50-I74720-support-help/td-p/2139247
Installed new drivers provided on this page,as now, the problem disappeared.From 3 days nothing clear,very nice.
Use these drivers for Windows 10 64bit: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25143/Intel-Iris-Iris-Pro-and-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-7-8-8-1-64-bit
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