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What's DOS?
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Re: 80% available(plugged in,not charging)

how do you get to the energy management program to revert to 100% charge?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Charging problem in lenovo Z560 ideapad

ankitvasistha's problem is likely the same as mine per my description below:


This is the second new IdeaPad Y470 I've ordered from Lenovo in as many weeks that has the same exact problem as the first new Y470 I returned to Lenovo after only four days of use. Simply put, the machine quits charging the battery for no apparent reason and on a completely random basis. Note that I am fully aware of the difference between the Maximum Battery Runtime and Maximum Battery Health settings in the Lenovo Energy Management software. The problem I'm experiencing occurs REGARDLESS of which of these two modes the machine is in, and it occurs regardless of which AC adapter is plugged in (I ordered a spare adapter with both of these machines, so the problem has occurred with four different AC adapters). THIS IS IMPORTANT... WHEN THE PROBLEM OCCURS, THE ROUND MAIN POWER BUTTON LIGHT BEGINS TO FLASH, AS DOES THE WHITE POWER LIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TOUCHPAD. ALSO, THE BATTERY LIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TOUCHPAD FLASHES RED. When these three lights are flashing, mousing over the battery icon indicates that the machine is running solely on battery power, with no power being supplied from the AC adapter even though it is properly plugged in. It doesn't even say "plugged in - not charging"'s as if the AC adapter is not even plugged in. And btw, the battery in both of these machines was properly installed. This machine is only a week old, and this problem started within one day of using it, as did the very same problem show up on the Y470 machine that I returned to Lenovo after only four days of use. When the three lights start flashing, EVEN A REBOOT OF THE COMPUTER DOES NOT CORRECT THE PROBLEM. THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE MACHINE TO RESUME CHARGING THE BATTERY IS TO UNPLUG AND RE-PLUG IN THE AC ADAPTER. It's easy to suspect a motherboard and/or physical adapter plug connection problem, but again, this same exact problem has now occurred on two brand new Y470 machines using four difference AC adapters. I am convinced Lenovo has a serious problem with these machines that they are refusing to acknowledge (the tech help line folks don't have a clue). I just hope they can fix it with a software and/or BIOS upgrade, and soon!!! The first step is acknowledging the problem....

What's DOS?
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Re: 80% available(plugged in,not charging)

My battery shows same message i.e 80%available(plugged in, not charging) and my warrant also expires 10 days before what should i do now? reply
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Re: 80% available(plugged in,not charging)

warranty covers battery replacement only for a year so i believe your warranty won't cover battery replacement.

warranty conditions may change by country, to make sure the warranty covers battery replacement, i suggest you to contact lenovo support line and ask for replacement if the warranty covers. if it doesn't, you can search the forum for similar issues.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: 80% available(plugged in,not charging)

I have the new Lenovo Battery Management I think? It's the one that has 4 columns with different colors each. So I can't find the settings part. Help?

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Re: 80% available(plugged in,not charging)

You want the setting like this.


link to image


image(s) >50k converted to the link(s)

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