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[ALL Ideapads] Fn <-> Ctrl key swap

There is already a thread about this here, but it's for N series 3000. I am starting this thread to see how many Ideapad users have an issue with flexing the pinky (little) finger inwards in order to press the CTRL key, which is used much more frequently than the Fn key (shortcuts).


Since the Fn key is mapped directly to hardward, the only way to have this changed would be for Lenovo to issue a BIOS fix. So, I would ask that if you want to see a remap of these keys that you respond to this thread and hopefully Lenovo will pay attention if we get enough action.

Token Ring
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Re: [ALL Ideapads] Fn <-> Ctrl key swap

Yes, I second that.  Having the Ctrl key after Fn key is a nuisance and most of the times, I think I am pressing Ctrl -C and instead, it will be Fn-C.


Lenovo, can we please get a BIOS fix for this? 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: [ALL Ideapads] Fn <-> Ctrl key swap

Note there is a blog post on the official Lenovo Design Matters blog about this issue. Make your voice heard by voting and/or commenting.

Punch Card
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Re: [ALL Ideapads] Fn <-> Ctrl key swap

Please issue a fix Lenovo!
Serial Port
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Re: [ALL Ideapads] Fn <-> Ctrl key swap

It's not broken, it's a design decision.
I actually prefer the FN key on the outside - the way I see it, CTRL - Windows - ALT keys should be next to each other.  
Paper Tape
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Re: [ALL Ideapads] Fn <-> Ctrl key swap


this program allows for moving the Caps Lock to the  ~  for example... but it can't just swap keys!

Be creative remap  Fn someplace else since it's usually not used a lot. like  ~ for example, then remap  Ctrl over to mFn  



Fanfold Paper
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Re: [ALL Ideapads] Fn <-> Ctrl key swap

I agree!  Please do this Lenovo.  Just got the S12 ION.  That is my only complaint.

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