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What's DOS?
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About to purchase Lenovo IdeaPad Y560

So I've been looking around for a new computer for home, one that the wife can play around with, I can play a game or two, and possibly some CAD drafting. I've been looking very hard at the Y560 and looks like a pretty nice system for the components on it.


I'm seeing some issues with BSODs and graphics issues. How bad is it really? Anything I should be ready for besides removing all the Bloatware?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: About to purchase Lenovo IdeaPad Y560

If you like gaming, this system will do just enough. It can't play the newer games on medium-high leaving you wanting an upgrade, which isnt possible. Building a custom gaming tower is way better, and upgradable at any time.


i7 on y560 is the cery first edition that came out, and Im the kind of guy who wants the very best, the very newest, even if I don't need it.


Y560p is probably a better choice, cause the new one, which comes out in 7/?/11, will cost $900, but again, a custom computer will always be more powerful.


Also, my y560 heats up beyond 150°F which is around the limit your graphics card frys. And the fan cools both i7 together with the graphics card which is a really... really bad idea. I have to sit next to a portable fan because the room gets so hot.


Alienware should cost around the same price, though I think you would be paying a whole lot for a metal encased picture of an alien head...

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Re: About to purchase Lenovo IdeaPad Y560

Don't do it.  My system has broken 4 times now.  Keyboard, BSOD, BSOD, BSOD.  I waited one month for my computer to be repaired for the last BSOD and received it with a BSOD again on start-up and the copypasta "this system has been tested...".  I've been escalated to customer relations for almost 3 weeks now and still haven't received a phone call.  The technical support can't even contact the customer relations department through telephone but only shoot emails.  I've been told countless of times to wait tommorow or the day after.  What crappy internal communications. They're reliability and speediness on Ideapad is a joke.  Here I have always thought a certain ISP service technical support was the worst but hohoho Smiley Indifferent


Today marks the second month that this computer has been sitting on my shelf gathering dust.

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