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Accidental Water Spill

2016-06-05, 18:44 PM

I have a y70-70 touch laptop that I just purchased this past August of 2015 (not even a year old). Around midnight on Friday I accidentally spilled less than half a glass of water on the left half of my keyboard. It took a few seconds to register what happened, then I immediately hit the power button, unplugged my mouse and charger, and grabbed a large bath towel to wipe the water away. I flipped the laptop upside down to try draining any water that may have gotten inside and waited about 20-30 minutes before hitting power button to see if it worked (which I probably should NOT have done). A blue screen appeared, in which Windows gave me options about troubleshooting before the system shut itself down (not the blue screen of death but a regular Windows kind of screen). After that, I left it alone until the next day when I attempted to see if it would work yet again, only this time, the computer didn't even boot up. The only thing that turned on was the fans inside the laptop, which only stayed on until I release the power button. No lights blinking, no other normal humming or whurring a laptop would typically make, just the fans. I was confused and thought maybe it was just trying to dry itself out still so I let it sit yet another night. I tried turning it on this morning (Sunday) and it did the same thing with the fans.


I've researched many different articles and based on what I've read, I've either goofed up my laptop so bad with turning it on that it won't work anymore, or there's still a chance if I leave it to dry for at least 3 days. I have it under warranty and accidental damage protection but I wasn't sure if there was any way for me to check if it was alive before sending it in to get fixed. I've been wondering if maybe the computer battery got shot in the process and am tempted to plug the charging cord in to see if that is the case but I don't want to risk damaging the laptop any further.


When the incident originally ocurred, I didn't smell anything burning or melthing, nor did I see/hear any sparks, fire, or smoke. I assumed this was somewhat of a good thing and hoped that meant nothing was really damaged or short circuited in the mishap.


Any information or help would be much appreciated, as I need this laptop for my heavy duty art projects and computer modeling software.


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Re: Accidental Water Spill

2016-06-05, 19:02 PM

If you have accidental damage protection, send it in.  They will replace whatever was damaged or got wet.  Even if it dries out and works, you are likely to have problems next week or next month or whenever.  Wet electronics get corroded.


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