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Adapter port issue.

So I have a lenovo y560 i7 4 gb of ram and I have this on going issue with the adapter port. Everything was fine for about the first 5 months. All of the sudden I realized my battery would not charge unless I spent 5 minutes rotating the cord and moving the position of the connection. After about 5 minutes of doing this I finally get the battery to charge but I have to be as still as a stone because any slight movement will cause the cord to shift positions and consequently stop charging the battery. So I call lenovo and take advantage of my in home repair (this is after I had to send them proof that I purchased in home repair service because they didn't have it on file *shock*) so repair tech comes out and installs a new mother board. This worked for about a week and now I'm back to spending 5 minutes of tedious repositioning of the cord to get my battery to charge.

I just called lenovo again and they are telling me that in home techs cannot do any trouble shooting and can only install hardware and that if I wanted a more long term solution I would need to send my laptop to a depot.

So my question to anyone who can help: What part, that isn't a motherboard, do I have to tell them to order for me so the in home tech can install and fix my machine?

Case number if it matters: wn361359

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Adapter port issue.

ship it back to service again. it's hardware issue ( power cord probably )

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