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After sending to Lenovo to repair, laptop is having issues

So I was having an issue with my computer where is was in a perpetual "boot loop" and I sent it off to Lenovo for repairs. I finally get it back and for the first week it goes well and I reload all my school files and programs. I don't use it much as I had tests all week and all my notes are on my mom's laptop who was also using it. So then I go to use the laptop once my tests are done and I time to transfer my notes.


That's when the computer crashes twice when I had two webpages and Microsoft word, one time because I went to switch tabs and once because i tried to change the volume. Then it wouldn't turn on and gave me this:


Several times in a row. time it didn't even show anything on the screen, it turned on, but the screen remained black.

A couple times it didn't even show anything on the screen. It turned on, but the screen remained black.


So while Lenovo fixed the issue and now occasional I can turn my computer on, when it is on it is virtually unusable.

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