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Paper Tape
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All games crash

Hello dear, i have a big problem. My notebook is Lenovo y510p. I was using it for gaming but in these times i got problem with one thing. Every single game ( i use steam so i got original games and epic game luncher and etc) like GTA 5, Fortnite, Doom 4, Worlds of tanks, Dying light and more always crash (not responding pop up window and crash). I can play sometime in high details game like fortnite but it crash anyway. I was using original Win 7 when gta 5 start crashing. So i did clear instalation for win 10 and now my all games crash. I got actual drivers for nvidia, realtek and etc. Can anyone please tell me where can be problem?  My pc is totaly okay. I was changing heatconducting paste under gpu and clean in from inside that it is not about over heating. Thank you

EDIT: I already try diagnostics here on lenovo web and everything was fine

Punch Card
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Re: All games crash

Is there any error message when your games crash? Mine crash too. Mine says GPU was pulled out or crash. Diagnostic on Lenovo site says it's fine too. I changed my thermal a few months ago too.

Bit Torrent
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Re: All games crash

Nothing new, they can't take the heat. Common across all lines if running High CPU/GPU apps. They need very cool air to help as well. AC room or better outside.


I don't know of any of their systems having a top notch cooling system. Maybe the Legend. Real Gamers run MSI or ASUS game class notebooks.

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Paper Tape
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Re: All games crash

I haven' t got high temperature. I was in pc servis where they change heatconducting parts and pastes and clean it. When i play it is fine about temperature. I remember i got much higher temperature in past and games was fine. My only error is "program is not responding" (clasic pop up window)

EDIT: And i was looking on for last drivers and it end with win 8... i got win 10....Rly this notebook does not support win 10 or why there are not any drivers?

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