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Blue Screen Again
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Another Y560 bites the (BIOS) dust

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So, I'm joining the increasing crowd of BIOS update gone bad on the Ideapad Y560.


Made a reboot, tried to update it to 59, application wrote every 33 blocks, said Operation Completed, but then it frozed completely. Nothing worked on the laptop, mouse, keyboard, touchpad, nothing.


I then took off the battery, removed the A/C plug and the laptop went OFF. Well, it stayed that way. It's DEAD. Nothing seems to resurrect it. Nothing comes ON, not even the fan.


I began reading over the internet, I saw some advice here about removing and/or swaping the RAM modules, but it didn't work.


Now the "good" part: the laptop was bought at the end of August 2010 in the US, but now I'm located in Eastern Europe for a few months. The local rep of Lenovo service center said today that my laptop's warranty it's not covered outside US. Wow! It's like owning a desktop. From my point of view, every laptop, no matter what brand, should have international coverage of warranty. That's why it is a LAPTOP, to carry it around the world.


Is there any Lenovo oficial here that reads this? Can you help me on this MAJOR problem?


Thank you!




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Re: Another Y560 bites the (BIOS) dust

Hi Lao,


Welcome to Lenovo Forums.


You can check if your laptop is covered by the IWS (International Warranty) via link



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Re: Another Y560 bites the (BIOS) dust

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Your motherboard is fried/ dead and it need to be replaced..


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