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Any RapidDrive users ever had to send your laptop in for repair?

Hello, I have a Y560 with the Rapid Drive, recently I tried downgrading the bios from 71, in which it ended up never turning back on. My question is how to protect the data on the drives. Since I cannot just bring the hard drive to another computer and copy over the data(says it's a Lenovo OEM partition and windows cannot view it), how would I get the data back?


Basically the only thing Lenovo's support and I could think of was before sending in the laptop for repair is I pull both the SSD and the main hard drive out and replace it with another laptop hard drive so they have something to test the machine with after the repair. Assuming when the computer comes back, it might be the exact same hardware and setup as before the repair(might have a new motherboard if they cannot reflash the bios on the current one). In theory, I should just be able to pop both the SDD and orginal hard drive in and have it boot up no problem?


Would there be any issues with this idea? Windows 7 was booting up fine before the bios died. Is there any other way known way to get the data back from the drives?

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