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Paper Tape
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Audio Issue.

I recently bought a Lenovo z50, in replacement for my old chromebook. When it arrived, everything was running smoothly, until six days ago. I was working on some college work on my Lenovo whilst listening to some music. I got up to go get some food, and when I got back, audio was only playing in the left plug of my earphones. The speakers were working fine, so I assumed my headphones were busted, and ordered a new pair.


Shortly after ordering a new pair did I realise that the headphones still worked on my phone. Again, I thought nothing of it. The new headphones arrived today and, yet again, they're only working in my left ear on my Lenovo. I opened up the laptop to check any damages on the audio jack, but there was nothing wrong from what I could see. I also checked that the system hadn't muted one of the plugs, but they were both at 100.


Shortly after, I was digging out some answers from google desperately when I came across this:

So I followed the steps, tried both versions of the download, but only got an issue saying "Device Installation Failed: could not find the   device for this driver". I tried a few more time, and eventually after the error message, I got a popup telling me to restart my laptop. So I did, and nothing happened.


I'm current using Windows 8. I am not updating to Windows 10, if that's what you're going to suggest.


Please help, my headphones aren't essential, but I have buckets of games that I'd like to have functioning sound for. 

- Alfie.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Audio Issue.

If your balance is correct and working and mixer isn't off. You're best to call Tech Support to resolve this problem.

Unless you just want us to guess whats wrong or happened.
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