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Battery Light Flashing after liquid spill [Y40]

A few days ago, my significant other accidentally knocked over a small cup of iced tea onto my laptop. I was quick to dry the device off, but the device turned off on its own (with the fan running for about 3-5 minutes while the screen was black). I then quickly took off the bottom shell and disconnected the battery. From that point on, I waited 2 days before trying to use the laptop again.


When I reinstalled the battery, the battery "light" keeps blinking (as opposed to its usual solid state or its graduate fade that it does when it is in rest mode). I've disconnected it and reconnected it several times, tried to plug it in and unplug it, etc. Still, the system will not turn back on.


Does this sound like a battery issue, or is this indicative of a bigger issue?

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Re: Battery Light Flashing after liquid spill [Y40]

That blinking light indicates that the battery has less than 5% charge, and if that light doesn't change when you plug it in to the charger, there is probally some sort of damage to your battery that prevents it from being charged.  Or your battery is just broken. Or your whole computer's gone. It's not looking really good. The one glimmer of hope I'll give you is that the battery light it still working, so at least your computer isn't a certain paperweight.



I would just try a few things to pinpoint what is wrong with the computer in the first place. No promises that it'll work.

  • Try taking out the battery, and then plugging in the laptop with the charger. You've already turned it on, so it most likely won't cause any more damage. It should bypass the (most likely fried) battery. If your computer doesn't turn on, well, it's probally more than just a battery. Time to go shopping. If it does work, go ahead and buy yourself that battery that you need.
  • Last resort, disasembly and cleaning. It'll violate your warranty, but it doesn't really matter since you have a broken computer and the warranty (unless you specifically purchased a drops and spills protection) won't help you any more. WikiHow has a great article on how to do it yourself. I wouldn't get your hopes up, since it's been days, and for best results you have to start immediatly when it spills.
  • Or you can pay hundreds to take it to Best Buy and have them tell you to get a new computer, gesturing towards their wonderful selection of laptops near the back. Don't take it to them unless you actually want to recover your hard drive, and you can't do it yourself.

Best of luck.

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