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Punch Card
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Re: Battery drain when powered down Y410P



If a new motherboard and battery does/did not do it for you then it's something else on the laptop and debugging yourself becomes a nontrivial exercise.


Regardless of whether or not you've sent your laptop in already for repairs [that didn't work for me], keep track of your battery % before and after you leave it for a night + the time between usage to get a % drained per hour calculation. I normally got ~1.5%/hr with WoWLAN disabled regardless of what I did to the computer. If you do observe this and are on battery and motherboard > 1, you could have the exact same problem I had to which I say "just ask for a new one"

What's DOS?
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Re: Battery drain when powered down Y410P

asking for a replacement is not an option since I have the y510p and I already sold the extra GPU. I tried to fix the track pad problem w/ electric tape but that didn't work either. sigh*

Punch Card
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Re: Battery drain when powered down Y410P

You can get a new motherboard and battery under warranty still regardless of how you've modified the laptop [to a certain degree] assuming I read the legal stuff correctly; user swappable parts don't void the warranty. Y series qualifies for premo shipping and servicing fyi so laptop transport time was quick for me. Tell the service depot to make sure it doesn't drain at all with WoWLAN off if you do. I told the service depot to leave it for a day and to check the drain rate. They must have only left it barely overnight though since they only said it drained a few % but it was still draining at 1.5%/hr after my second check.


If a new mobo and battery doesn't help, try taking/swapping out the wireless card. I found it suspicious that the motherboard and battery didn't do anything to the drain rate but disabling a function of the wireless card did a lot. I took out the optical drive and nothing changed so I was also tempted to remove the hdd and whatever else I could to see if I could narrow it down to a specific par. If you feel like playing computer detective, I recommend starting here.

Paper Tape
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Re: Battery drain when powered down Y410P

I disabled all the specified WLAN settings, and still have the problem (16% drain in 24h). I dont know if I can contact the costumer support, because I changed the HDD to SSD (anyone knows if this voids the warranty?)


This is serius defect in the y410p/y510p series. I dont know how the enginners could release a computer without testing them...

Punch Card
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Re: Battery drain when powered down Y410P



I've been having very similar problems on my S3-S440 Thinkpad.


Having run some tests, I started at 100% charge at 23:15 and the next day I was at 63% at 09:40 - so it seems after 10.5 hours I'm suffering from 3.5% power loss per hour.


Its taken the shine off what I think is a very good business laptop. Having read this thread I'm disabling some other properties in the Device Manager Wireless Card. Main BISO settings (Wake on Lan and Always on USB are disabled).

Paper Tape
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Re: Fixed by updating wifi driver and setting advanced options

Thanks a lot. It worked for me Smiley Happy

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