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Fanfold Paper
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Best Temperatures for Running Games on Lenovo y570

I'm not sure if my computer is overheating, I don't think it is but I just want to make sure as I'm having trouble with some games (Slow FPS after a while, GPU max clocks on low settings for Skyrim, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 etc).


Around 20 minutes I'm reaching a CPU temp of around 85C which seems high but normal (I think 100 is when it starts to bottleneck). My GPU is reaching around 80C, I think that might be to high, is there any way to cool the GPU more? Should I buy a good cooling pad for playing games to keep temps low? Normal temps are around the 35C-40C range which seems good. Any help appreciated, as all those games seem to be running poor FPS after only a few minutes! Which seems ludcrious to me. The specs on my y570 are


750 GB HDD + 64 SSD

8 Gigs RAM

2.2 Ghz Quad Core i7

Nvddia GeForce GT 555M 1GB


Seems like it should run most games on at least medium quality without any problems for at least an hour...



Token Ring
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Re: Best Temperatures for Running Games on Lenovo y570

The only thing to make games run smooth is the velenoso666's solution with 285.79 beta verde drivers. My temps in skyrim after about an hour of gaming on med-high settings are about 75°C maximum on gpu and cpu. If you don't care about your warranty you can try disassembling the laptop and reapplying new thermal compound like for example IC Diamond. That will help but it will void your warranty. That's why I can barely wait that mine comes out of warranty(only about 2 years to go ^^).

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