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Punch Card
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎03-04-2008
Location: North Carolina
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Best way to back up machine? answer, please

I want to back up my machine, even though its 2 months old, in liu of some bizzare occurances.
I figure since i have the discs for all the major programs, i just need to focus on docs, pics, music, etc.
whats the best method? Will a DVD-RW suffice? Is it suggested i buy an external hard drive?
I want the best and yet cheapest option. if i dont need an external, and DVDs work just as well......well, this is why im asking
Retired Guru
Posts: 2,307
Registered: ‎03-12-2008
Location: Moscow, Russia
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Re: Best way to back up machine? answer, please

Sure DVD is the cheapest way ever to make a backup. Always do it on DVD. Easy to buy, easy to use, easy to store. The only problem is to care about the surface of DVD.
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Serial Port
Posts: 61
Registered: ‎03-14-2008
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
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Re: Best way to back up machine? answer, please

Yep. I agree with skripatch, but if you won't use your backup DVD over-exposure you won't have to worry about it's surface. Also I advise not to use DVD-(or +)RW, use R instead - they lives much longer.