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Can't use dedicated r7 m260dx because DirectX12?

Hi! I have a Lenovo Z50-75 80EC00F7HV Black FD_2Y 16GB.

I use Windows 10 which comes with DirectX 12.

I have the latest graphics driver.

In AMD Radeon Settings under Preferences, in Radeon Additional Settings I change (under Switchable Graphics Application Settings) the graphic setting for the app from Power Saving to High Performane and apply. After that I run the app and watch it with under Switchable Graphics Application Monitor and it says that it is still running in Power Saving mode (with the integrated graphics card (AMD Radeon R7 Graphics)) instead of the dedicated graphics card (AMD Radeon R7 M260DX). In Radeon Additional settings it says "Settings on this page do not apply to applications running in Microsoft DirectX 12 mode."

So is it why I can not use it, or some other problems? And what should the solution be?

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Re: Can't use dedicated r7 m260dx because DirectX12?

Hi there, GGecko                    -


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


There are two sets of graphics card ,one is the integrated Intel GPU and another is the AMD Radeon r7 260dx , which one is used depends on graphics load and your preference. So at idling the Intel gpu kicks in. 

you can force the discrete GPU (AMD) to run all the time, by going to bios and set it to discrete graphics mode. But this will draw more power and produce more heat, however the graphics performance will be higher.


Technically, the Intel integrated graphics is always active, although it is not always in use. AMD graphics will turn on and off according to need. Software from AMD called AMD Catalyst automatically switches between integrated (Intel) and dedicated (AMD) graphics, according to the application.


Update us how it goes.







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