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I have a Y570. Since I almost always keep my laptop plugged in, I like my settings set on Optimize for battery Health. However, the option seem to revert to optimize for battery runtime every time I restart (sometimes coming out of sleep even). I have been changing it every time, but it's really getting annoying, especially after I've forgotten 3 times. Is there someway to change Optimize for battery health to the default option?



Firstly, this behavior is working as designed after clarifying. 'Best Battery Health' mode is to protect battery life if customer always insert the AC adapter.


The design logic is: 


1. Battery have the longest storage life if keep the capacity around 40%-50%. 


2. If the customer always insert AC adapter during using (or most of the time), they can choose this mode, and system will keep the battery capacity between 46%-50% for the best storage condition. 


3. Once the customer displug the AC adapter and battery capacity drop to 40%, system will detect that using condition is not comfortable for 'Best Battery Health', and change the working mode to 'Optimize...' mode, which could let customer charge the battery to 100% for better moving working/using. 


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My battery protection mode choice keeps flipping back everytime there is a power outage. And this happens probably once a day. very annoying.

here's the info about my laptop.

Model Type: G50-70
Serial Number: privately
BIOS: Lenovo 9ACN25WW
Lenovo Energy Management version: 7.0
Windows 7 Home / Pro / Ulti / Enterprise: Windows 7 Home Premium
x86 / x64: x64
SP1: 7601