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Charging issue Lenovo Z50-75 + immediate wake-up after suspending session

2020-02-07, 15:36 PM

Hey there,


I've got an issue with my Lenovo Z50-75 (I'm afraid I don't know exactly which one it is), namely the device, charging normally for a while, becomes fickle with the charger, requiring me to play around with it in the power jack until it (briefly) charges again before running out of battery and dying. When I attempt to suspend the session, it boots up immediately again.

Some context:

- both hinges are somewhat broken, or rather the case around it; I'd sent it in to Lenovo and they'd repaired it while it was still on warranty (a pain to get them to do it); but the problem has reoccurred. It is worse on the right side, where you could well look inside the laptop if I hadn't fixed it with duct-tape. The left side is mostly fine (that is where the problem initially occurred before it was fixed), though due to the physical stress caused from the other side, wear has shown here as well and I've put some duct-tape there as well.

- I'm running Linux Mint and Windows as dual boot; while I've had "plugged in, not charging" on Windows, that problem does not seem to appear in Linux, which I'm using almost exclusively. 


- Unfortunately, my laptop slipped and landed on the power jack once (charger plugged in), which caused the internal part holding the power cord to be a bit loose; I've fixed it to the best of my abilities and it was doing okay for the longest time (over half a year to a year). Ever since, I've had to play around with it so it would charge.


- The issue definitely seems to be heat-related. As a test, I put it on a stable, level platform and just had a few videos playing (only programs I'd opened were a browser and Thunderbird). After a while, the problem would show up and no matter how much I'd play around with the charger, it wouldn't load. I managed to suspend the session before the power got too low, and it's been sitting in the same position and charging fine ever since; that was two days ago.


- The battery is rubbish and unservicable; it lasts for ~15 minutes before it dies. That despite always making sure to run the laptop on battery support every once in a while and only plugging it in when it was about to die.

- The laptop's ~3 years old now


- When the power is too low and I try to suspend the session, it's suspended for roughly two seconds before turning itself on again. It doesn't matter whether I close the lid or whether I click "suspend" from the shutdown menu, hence I don't think it's related to anything loose near the power button 


- the charger itself is relatively new; for whatever reason, my chargers tend to break relatively quickly. Given that the problem also occurs when there's absolutely no stress on the cable, it's sitting on a stable, level platform and the device is not touched at all, I don't think the issue stems from a broken charger. Usually, running a laptop with a broken charger works if you don't move it and keep the charger locked in that position.

- the heating part does not mean it gets unbearably hot - it does get quite hot, but not to the point that you couldn't touch it at all; the laptop I'm using to write this gets even hotter and is doing fine. Of course, you can't quite compare that, though I thought I'd mention it. It must be noted, however, that the Lenovo gets hot near and around the power jack; when touching the metal around the charger, it's quite hot.

I reckon the best fix other than sending it in would be to lower the temperature. I'd hate to send it in given how much of a pain it was to have them fix something that was covered under warranty (and which they admitted was a recurring problem with too tight screw - I'd rather think they use less than optimal material for the case). Apart from the fact that it's probably not very economical anymore to do so. I'd cleaned the ventillation system relatively recently (~2 months ago), before the issue even occurred in this way. Heating up quickly happenes even when not many programs are running; I don't know whether that's software or hardware related. When using Windows, there also tends to be the problem of CPU usage being 100% despite just having booted up, so I don't know.

I'm looking forward to your replies and suggestions, thanks for your help in advance :-)

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