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Computer lags a lot and cant seem to handle simple tasks

So I just got a new Y570 Ideapad and my computer cant seem to handle things my old Y560p could do easily. For example I cant watch youtube videos in full screen the lag way to much and I also cant listen to a podcast on itunes and surf the web at the same time without my computer lagging and going all "dubsteppy" on me which happens when i play games on steam too. I've updated all my drivers and still get the same problem. What should I do to stop the constant lag on my computer

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Re: Computer lags a lot and cant seem to handle simple tasks

hi bkop,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community,


I'm sorry hear that your facing issues with your machine. But i was just wondering may i know which bios version you have? You may want to consider updating your bios. It might clear the lag issues with your machine.


Do lket me know as i'd like to dive further into this issue.



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