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I recently purchased an Ideapad z510.  When using 'conservation mode" found in the energy management application, I notice that the charting stops at 55-60% and the message "plugged in not charging" is displayed.


Is this correct?   What is the purpose of this mode?    Does this feature work even when the system is off and plugged in?



This mode  in energy manager affects the firmware on the battery, and stops the charging when it reaches 60%.  

In some cases, not charging the battery to 100% constantly may improve the overall lifespan of the battery with the trade off being that you will have less run time on a charge because you are only using 60% of the battery capacity.


This setting is most often suggested for a system that is always Plugged in to the Ac adapter,


When the AC adapter is still connected and the battery reaches its charge limit, you will see a "Plugged-in not charging" message when you hover on the battery icon in the notification area.   Since the firmware is set, this should still work even if the system is off and just plugged in. 



This feature exists on other models and the start / stop thresholds and displayed messages may be slightly different depending on model and version of energy manager.

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i understand it. But I want to know which will be better for laptop battery life? 1---100% charge ande discharge untill warning. 2----60% charge then discharge untill warning.

  Getting the battery out of Conservation Mode is easy, but getting it to go back into Conservation Mode is where the problems lie. Energy Management might say it's in Conservation Mode, but the battery will be anywhere between 90% to 100% and never go back down to the 60% area.

  Is there some sort of ritual with unplugging and shutting down that needs to be performed every time to get the laptop to enter Conservation Mode again?



Limiting to 60% is supposedly better to extend total lifetime (before replacement is needed) of battery, but it is going to reduce the run time on each charge since you are only making use of 60% of the battery.  Lot of opinions out there on this.   I personally charge to 100%.




I don't know - not aware of any special incantations being required. Smiley Wink


I have a v570 and my original battery all of a sudden showed signs of not charging ,when i removed the ac power it totally died with the battery installed, so i bought a new one and installed i and it shows the same thing but the battery came already charged at 69%,but it does say pluged in not charging. i just dicsconnected the ac power and im letting it run on the battery till it gets to about 59%,hopefully it will show that it is charging .iI changed the setting to regular high output instead of economical.

but even with the power chance it still showed not charging .

Any Thoughts?


I've made a separate post but maybe you can help here.


I keep my new z50-70 plugged in all the time so the 'enable conservation mode' message appears. That's fine and I enable it in Energy Manager but I have to re-enable it every time the machine reboots. How do I make this setting stick?


Charging to 60% vs 100% will definitely extend the lifespan of your battery.  This Wikipedia page regarding lithium ion batteries, and their lifespan is rather technical, but does include comments to the effect that storing a a lithium ion battery fully charged will degrade the number of charge / discharge cycles it'll give.


i need to enable conservation mode every time i reboot my to enable conservation mode permanently? 


i need to enable conservation mode every time i reboot my to enable conservation mode permanently


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First I will give you a piece of advice. Stop screaming. Most of the people here helping out are volunteers and we must do nothing. If you want immediate help, try contacting technical support directly. I suggest that you do not scream at them either. Now on to your problem. Have you gone to the download and drive page for your model and update all the drivers and software listed there? Also have you tried updating LEM?

DEAR Hoov.
Thank you for reply and im sorry.
but you must know that i googled all websites, weblogs and forums in internet.
even i also search in lenovo web site and forums times and times for months!!!
you must know that this problem is not only for me!
all users of lenovo z510 have this problem with "conservation mode" in LEM. Be attention: All users!
every one followed every ways that you think and there is no results!!
reinstall LEM, bios update, updating LEM, change windows 7, 8 , 8.1, even change registery!
result: NOTHING!
I search in internet and i find out that this problem is for all lenovo z510 systems and all user ask for solve this problem every times! but lenovo company dont solve this and even there is no answer from lenovo! no answer at all !!

my scream is not only for myself. i scream for all everyone that have this problem and can not solve this!
may you say: sceariming has not result for me, but i tierd! lenovo no have any asnswer!!
but i say to lenovo: solve this problem!


Mod edit:  Reduced font size to a more normal size.Again, you don't have to yell.


If you don't mind a  bit of advice, when you scream on the forum no one will help you. Everyone will move on to more appreciative people. We are users like you. We have problems with our systems just like everyone else, but we also help people solve their issues. I do not have a Z510 so I can't give you the answer you want. But I do have a couple questions for you.


Have you tried doing a clean boot of Windows?


Have you tried contacting Tech Support and asking them directly if there is a fix, or a fix in the pipeline?


dear Hoov.
i am so so thank you for your attention.
DEAR Hoov i told you that i do each way that you think.
also i told you that this problem is not only for my laptop.
every z510 laptops have this issue and lenovo support do not any solution for this and no answer also!
lenovo could be say that this problem can not be solve and users can say: okay no problem, never mind, this was our choose and we must be careful for your selection.
if you search my question you will see other users ask this problem times and times.

also "clean boot" can not be solve this and  Tech Support have no a good solution for.

so, what is your mind? 

I can not do this now, I want to solve this problem, not just for me but for everyone? but lenovo have no any answer for this. and you told me calm down, and stop scearm.

one more time i thank you so so much for this attention and for every solution that you advice to me.
if you have any other suggestion i will thank you one again.


hey lenovo! would you like solve this problem or never mind?!!!

i need to enable conservation mode every time i reboot my to enable conservation mode permanently.
at least you can say: " this problem can not be solve by our company!!! NOT?! or we can not present a good service and answer for our users!"

i asked this queation times an times.

poooooooooor service. very pooor service!

this laptop was my frist and last selection of lenovo products.


I have the same problem as Permalink, and I think the same, sorry by my english



Is there no one in this forum who has faced issue like me?

I bought Lenovo Ideapad Z410 (model no. 20292) in June 2014. Last year whenever the laptop was started, a pop-up window would appear saying "Battery is too weak" with a BUY icon.


Since April 2015 onwards, my laptop is not getting started, its dead.


How can I download battery firmware update without laptop getting started? Please refer the pictures below, once laptop starts it asks for outlook login and after entering the login credentials, laptop just hangs showing nothing (it hangs for hours).
Lenova Start

Lenova After login


I am facing this problem since April 2015 and till date Lenova didn't responded.


Is anyone facing this kind of problem, if yes how did you got this problem solved? Please guide.


Thanks in advance.


Do you have the power supply plugged in? If the computer does not start with the power supply plugged in, then have you contacted customer support?


@ Hoov,


Yes, power supply is plugged. If I remove the power supply, within seconds system turns off.


Forget about contacting customer support, I feel like its of no use to contact them (got no help from them).


By the way, in some other forum, I was asked to check the windows (repair or reinstall), which I tried to do. Finally I formatted the system (I lost all my data :smileysad:, I will try to get that later).


After formatting, system started normally (without any data, softwares etc. as if it is a new peice), but the problem of battery is not resolved yet. I plugged the power supply for hours, battery shows "Plugged in, not charging 0%".


I tried to download battery firmware, following was the message: "No battery attached requires firmware update".


Any more suggestions for battery problem?


Thanks in advance.


Does the battery charge when the computer is off and the power supply is plugged in? If it does not charge then, and you do not want to contact customer support, then I suspect that you will have to replace the battery. I am not sure why people are telling you to update software and drivers. Battery charging itself requires none. It is only the indication part that requires software or firmware. If your battery does not charge when the power supply is connected and the computer is off, then software/firmware/drivers do not matter. But if your battery does charge when the computer is off, then it very well could be your power supply is bad. Again, software does not matter.


No, the battery is not charging when the computer is off.  I can start the computer only if I plug in the charger. 


I think you need to read the posts related to Ideapad Z series battery problems. Pl read the below: (read the last message by Amy_Lenovo, this person seems to be Lenovo staff)


Have you tried loging in on a local account?

I am working in local account.


Hı I am from Turkey 


I also try to download a program called Z510 batery problem continues even though the battery has problems Can you help me?


I had this problem. Solved it. i.e. the problem of laptop not charging and not staying charged.

The problem was NOT the battery, it was a faulty charger (the black cord and square box assembly that plugs into the charging port).

I knew it was the charger, not the battery, because I have a voltage meter.

Connecting the meter to the charger showed it was putting out no power.

At other times it showed that it was putting out power.

In other words the charger worked sometimes and then other times did not.

Replacing the charger with an OEM charger (from Amazon $11) cured the problem completely.

In reading this thread I am convinced other people who complain they still have charging problems even after buying a new battery should have bought a new charger instead.

A volt meter can be purchased for $10 to $15, it is called a VOM (Volt  Ohm Meter).

It has two cords (called leads) with sharp tips to touch to whatever you are testing and a meter with a needle that reads Volts Amps or Ohms depending on where you set the dial.

I do believe Lenovo chargers are suspect, and that Lenovo batteries are not weak but high quality.

Chargers are cheap, batteries are expensive (relatively). 



I have one question here.

If I keep my laptop connected to the A/C and turn the
Conservation Mode (and get fully charged to the 60%) would the laptop be consuming energy from the battery or from the AC power?

I mean, I bought this laptop about 3 months ago (IDEAPPAD 310-15ABR) I used to have and HP with a removable battery and since I'm almost always sitted on a desk, I kept the laptop pluged and with no battery (I removed the battery), I wanted to do the same with this one but it doesn't have a removable battery.

What I would like to know is if I keep my Lenovo connected and with the coservation mode on is it ok? would it affect the battery at some point? keeping it pluged when its fully charged means it is working with the AC power and not with the battery power?


Thank you! English is not my native language so, sorry!






I just got my brand new Ideapad 310 corei5 (6th gen.) 2gb nvidia 920mx. 1tb memory with 8gb ram ddr4.

its a Free DOS so I loadup windows10 64bits then I also installed nvidia 920mx driver.

never used it for gaming yet, its getting "OVER HEATED with an irritating noise of the FAN" all I ever did was browsing...

so my Question is, Could sombody pls tell me whats going to happen if I play games like Dota2,Fifa18,GTA6,CS:GO,and so on? (feeling very dissappointed)


IdeaPad 520-15lkb charging issues.


Well it's been a week I brought this laptop from online Lenovo store and now I came to know about it's charging issues that it won't charged the laptop during working on it and automatically stops. Even when plugged in it shows nothing in screen not even in the charging indicator. So after that I changed it's battery setting by disabled the conservation mode but still it acts same. 

Please help me with this!!!!


My cell phone lenovo phab2 plus is always show charging. But charger is not connect.plz solve my problem.


when it's show plugged in not charging that means leptop is taking power form directly ac adeptor or from leptops battery??