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Conservation Mode in Lenovo Energy Manager - plugged in / not charging message on IdeaPad


I recently purchased an Ideapad z510.  When using 'conservation mode" found in the energy management application, I notice that the charting stops at 55-60% and the message "plugged in not charging" is displayed.


Is this correct?   What is the purpose of this mode?    Does this feature work even when the system is off and plugged in?



This mode  in energy manager affects the firmware on the battery, and stops the charging when it reaches 60%.  

In some cases, not charging the battery to 100% constantly may improve the overall lifespan of the battery with the trade off being that you will have less run time on a charge because you are only using 60% of the battery capacity.


This setting is most often suggested for a system that is always Plugged in to the Ac adapter,


When the AC adapter is still connected and the battery reaches its charge limit, you will see a "Plugged-in not charging" message when you hover on the battery icon in the notification area.   Since the firmware is set, this should still work even if the system is off and just plugged in. 



This feature exists on other models and the start / stop thresholds and displayed messages may be slightly different depending on model and version of energy manager.

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subhajitmaity On 2014-08-27, 22:22 PM
i understand it. But I want to know which will be better for laptop battery life? 1---100% charge ande discharge untill warning. 2----60% charge then discharge untill warning.
LandLizard On 2014-10-05, 21:36 PM

  Getting the battery out of Conservation Mode is easy, but getting it to go back into Conservation Mode is where the problems lie. Energy Management might say it's in Conservation Mode, but the battery will be anywhere between 90% to 100% and never go back down to the 60% area.

  Is there some sort of ritual with unplugging and shutting down that needs to be performed every time to get the laptop to enter Conservation Mode again?

Mark_Lenovo On 2014-11-05, 15:26 PM



Limiting to 60% is supposedly better to extend total lifetime (before replacement is needed) of battery, but it is going to reduce the run time on each charge since you are only making use of 60% of the battery.  Lot of opinions out there on this.   I personally charge to 100%.




I don't know - not aware of any special incantations being required. :smileywink:

bigboss408 On 2014-11-13, 23:29 PM

I have a v570 and my original battery all of a sudden showed signs of not charging ,when i removed the ac power it totally died with the battery installed, so i bought a new one and installed i and it shows the same thing but the battery came already charged at 69%,but it does say pluged in not charging. i just dicsconnected the ac power and im letting it run on the battery till it gets to about 59%,hopefully it will show that it is charging .iI changed the setting to regular high output instead of economical.

but even with the power chance it still showed not charging .

Any Thoughts?

topmahof On 2014-11-30, 15:01 PM
sban On 2015-01-02, 12:00 PM

I've made a separate post but maybe you can help here.


I keep my new z50-70 plugged in all the time so the 'enable conservation mode' message appears. That's fine and I enable it in Energy Manager but I have to re-enable it every time the machine reboots. How do I make this setting stick?

dgnuff On 2015-01-28, 0:19 AM

Charging to 60% vs 100% will definitely extend the lifespan of your battery.  This Wikipedia page regarding lithium ion batteries, and their lifespan is rather technical, but does include comments to the effect that storing a a lithium ion battery fully charged will degrade the number of charge / discharge cycles it'll give.



HARAIHARAN On 2015-02-23, 11:20 AM

i need to enable conservation mode every time i reboot my system.how to enable conservation mode permanently? 

aliesmaeeli On 2015-03-22, 10:03 AM

i need to enable conservation mode every time i reboot my system.how to enable conservation mode permanently


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