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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-21-2008
Location: Permanent NOIDA India - But presently in IRAN
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DVD Writer Problem


I purchased my Lenovo laptop last year in September ( 2007 ). For the last one month my DVD Writer stopped reading DVD written by the DVD Writer. Some other DVDs are also unreadable. Some Movie DVD which I brought from India are readable & playable on the laptop. Since I came to Iran, I could not approach any lenovo service centre I tried to search for this type of typical problem on Internet. 

Meanwhile my laptop got some problem & it could not be booted. Since DVD Drive was not working & I had a lot of important data on Laptop, I was in a fix what to do. I checked BIOS for booting through USB & found that it’s BIOS does not allow to Boot from USB. For two days I could not use my Laptop.  


 Some how one of friend gave me an original OD Disk, which my Laptop accepted & I could repair the operating system & use my laptop. 


Again searching for BIOS upgradation for USB Boot service & DVD Problem I reached the lenovo community forum page on the NET & found that I am not the only sufferer of this problem. Most of the lenovo users have the DVD Problem like me. This seems to be because of low quality product of Matasu**bleep**a DVD Writer.


 At present I am in IRAN & will be here for another two months & in a month my warranty of laptop will expire, I may not be able get free replacement of my Laptop, I request lenovo customer care through this forum to suggest me the alternative for my solution. 


Meanwhile any member can suggest a better replacement of the exixting DVD Writer. Also suggest alternative method of Booting if both DVD Drive & HDD fail to boot.



My laptop details are as given below :  S.No. EB 05515663 – P.No. : 17080215  Model no. 7761-Y500-4EQPurchased at Nehru Place, New Delhi ( Parvesh Kumar Sethi )